Monday, June 10, 2013

N=26 - Down at Android Fragments Rock (N+1 Days of MvvmCross)

Today N+1 is back!

Sorry about the short break... and sorry about before another short break that's coming up - I'm going to NDC Oslo in Norway this week :)

Today, we're talking about Fragments!

Fragments are an Android-only thing. They're a type of User Control and they were invented by Jim Henson*

In this N+1 we talk through:

  • how to data-bind static fragments
  • how to data-bind dynamic fragments
  • briefly how to data-bind fragments in:
  • tabs
  • dialogs
  • the little-known MvxFrameControl

For more on fragments:

The video is:

Today's source code is available on:

A full and wonderful index for N+1 is available on


* ok, not really :) For more on Fraggle Rock... - which is where the images above come from (under CC). Also for the full Fraggle Rock theme song, try


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  2. weird thing but I originally created the 'Fragments Rock' image using the original Fraggle Rock image...not the one used here but one that tweaked the original font used in Fraggle Rock. If you made this similar image coincidentally, we must be twins!

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  4. Bad video all things are confusing here...