Wednesday, September 25, 2013

N=38 - More maps and more zombies

Today, I tried to extend the N=37 Maps Xamarin.iOS sample into 4 new directions:

  1. A draggable annotation that updates it's location in the ViewModel
  2. An ObservableCollection of annotations.
  3. A mechanism to update the map center from the ViewModel
  4. A mechanism to update the ViewModel from map panning

The code for this is on:

The video is:

Disclaimer: I only tested on iOS6 - and there were a few animation details there that needed a little smoothing... I've not tested them on iOS5 or iOS7 yet - expect more there too!

For a full index of N+1 videos, see


  1. Hi

    When I try to create a bunch of zombies with the timer, their positions don't seem to bind and are all at Lat and Long of 0.

    For some reason I have to wait for the timer to execute before they update properly (you can see it happen when all the zombies "move"/"animate" across their map at the start to their correct positions.

    Any ideas why the positions don't seem to be bound correct at the start?

    1. I believe there may have been a change ios6 to ios7 - the animation is certainly behaving very differently between the two platforms - I know there were quite a few enhancements in ios7 mapping (e.g. but I've not had a chance to look at it in any detail yet.