Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Possible solutions for WP8 SDK Emulator issues - WP8 Hyper-V emulator cannot see the wireless network adapter

Now the NDA is over...

I had a problem with windows phone 8 sdk accessing the wireless network on my host laptop.

Some solutions/questions I saw reported when trying to debug this were:

  • Plugin an Ethernet cable - that worked for me!
  • Problem solved! Hyper-V uses same MAC address for guest VMs (virtual machine) and Host. If the router configured to give the host always same ip address it will conflict with the emulator. Solution - on the router remove the host from known PCs and let it give you some new ip address (not fixed). After you start the emulator it will get the correct ip address from router. Router will show you two PCs (host and vm) with the same MAC, but different ip addresses.

  • I encountered a problem with installing Hyper-V on a german installation of Windows 8 but have found people having the same issue with other localized versions. After setting the checkbox to install Hyper-V and clicking ok it simply did not install. I had to change my regional settings to english, install it and switch them back to german for everything to work.

    Maybe the SDK simply triggered the installation correctly or the recent big Windows 8 patch resolved the problem. Although it might be that you had different problems with installing Hyper-V.

  • It is possible that the emulator's virtual machine is corrupted.

    1. Close Visual Studio. Launch Hyper-V Manager.

    2. In the Virtual Machines list, stop and then delete any virtual machines currently running

    3. Try your app again. A new emulator VM instance should start.

    If that doesn't fix it, click on the running VM instance in Hyper-V Manager. In the Actions column for your Emulator instance, click on Settings, and drill down into the Network adapter hardware. See if a Virtual Switch is selected for the network adapter etc.

  • Hi everyone, We have some steps to run the emulator:

You must have Windows 8 Pro (Ultimate or Enterprise).
Enable Hyper-V on Control panel.
Restart your computer.
Install Windows Phone 8 SDK.
Restart your computer, again.
Run the Emulator! Takes very very long time if you don't do the step 5.
Happy coding!


  1. Hello, this issue is troubling me and I can't get it to work.
    Computer setup.
    CPU:AMD Phenom x4 9550
    Memory:4G DDR2

    OS:Windows 8 Enterprise x64
    installed all windows 8 updates

    Hyper-v installed and enabled

    pc IPv4 setting:static ip(140.123.106.xxx)

    network settings:
    vEthernet(Internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch)
    no default gateway
    vEthernet(Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Virtual Switch)
    default gateway:
    Ethernet(Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller)
    No settings here, I only see a Hyper-v switch service installed in this ethernet controller
    these three things exist in my win 8 network settings part

    really frustrating...seems people on the WP8 dev official forum many have the same problem


    thanks for the help!

  2. I figured my Win 8 + WP8 SDK connectivity problem out!(After 6 hours of trying everything I can)

    I was originally using a class B static IP in my windows 8 network connection.

    I tried everything with this setup and still couldnt get the emulator connectivity to work.

    Ten minutes ago I plugged my PC into a wireless router with DHCP enabled.

    And all of a sudden voila! The emulator internet connection works!

    Hope this helps!