Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Project Templates for vNext

I've just uploaded some VisualStudio project templates to

If you download these then they should allow you to get new vNext projects up and running a bit more quickly.

Basically, these templates are created using the Visual Studio 'Export' menu item, and these templates are based on the code in:

To use them:
- unzip the wrapper file to get to each individual item
- copy them to C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\Visual Studio 11\My Exported Templates
- or to C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\My Exported Templates
- that should (I hope) automatically import the templates into visual studio
- so when you do "new project" then type mvvmCross in the top right
- the options like MyApplication.Core should then automatically appear in the new project options:

There will be problems in the projects you create - especially there will be references which don't link together perfectly... but these should be small problems to resolve by hand - so it should be possible to get new projects up and running really quickly!


I think it's almost time to ship vNext ...

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