Saturday, October 05, 2013

Build 3.0.13-beta4 shipped to MvvmCross-Binaries and nuget

I've tagged, built and shipped 3.0.13-beta4

I will be testing it more tomorrow...

If all goes well I plan to ship this as "stable" soon.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed code, ideas and assistance - I'm well behind on badges now - so many of you are awesome! I will catch up on badges soon!

Note that there are some potentially breaking changes in 3.0.13 - marked in bold below. The most obvious of these will be in the changes across MvvmCross to consistently use the US spelling "Initialize" rather than UK spelling "Initialise". Other more subtle breaking changes may come out of some of the binding optimizations - if any bugs appear, please do report them (with reproduction examples if possible).

The main changes from 3.0.12 are:

  • added UnsetValue and DoNothing binding constants to allow richer ValueConverter implementation (note that these constants are not fully supported across all Windows platforms)
  • changed binding implementation so that many more binders will now block feedback loops
  • changed binding implementation so that many more binders will now attempt value coercion when setting values on a target
  • optimised text binding in Droid and Touch - 'label' controls will be set directly using non-reflection and using one-way binding as default
  • optimisations for one-way binding - event subscription is not removed
  • added an IMvxInteraction helper interface to assist with 'dialog' user interactions
  • cleared up 'mixed spellings' of Initialisation/Initialization - the US spelling 'Initialization' is now used everywhere (this may break some overrides in people's Setup code)
  • event `Raise` extension methods now moved into shared code - into CrossCore
  • fragment inflation no longer causes an error message in trace
  • fixed two missing event hook calls in Android dialog code
  • Binding DataContext's now have a DataContextChanged event
  • By default, views can now be named with postfix 'View' or 'ViewController' on iOS, 'View' or 'Activity' on Android, 'View' or 'Page' on WindowsPhone/Store, 'View' or 'Control' on WPF
  • Small optimisation in internationalisation converter
  • Improved access to MasterNavigationController in Touch presenters - as requested via @deapsquatter's blog
  • Improved override capabilities for AndroidLifetime monitoring object
  • Improved error message for users using viewmodels from mutliple assemblies
  • Weak referencing is now used in Rio field binding
  • Added a new location interface into the location plugin - the old one still works but is now marked obsolete
  • Added a simple Reachability implementation for Android in the Network plugin
  • Fixed a "To" regression in the Android email plugin
  • Added simple UIView/View/Control boolean "Hidden" bindings for all platforms
  • FluentBindings can now use `FullyDescribed` and `SourceDescribed` methods to describe contents - e.g. Bind(textField).FullyDescribed("Text MyConverter(Property1)") and Bind(textField).For(t => t.Text).SourceDescribed("MyConverter(Property1)") - the previous Described method (which is SourceDescribed) is now marked as Obsolete
  • Integrated lots of Android Dialog changes from @csteeg - many improvements in usability and stability (if you have overridden GetViewImpl the signature has now changed)
  • Included improved Bitmap resource drawable binding from @Cheesebaron and @scatria
  • Fixed misaligned ViewDidAppear/Disappear calls in event source UIViewController
  • Added MvxRadioGroup from @BenGladman for Android (it's fab!)
  • Added SimplePickerElement from @BenPage for Android Dialog
  • Fixed ambiguous construction issue with MvxColor - and unit tests for the default RGB color value converters
  • Added named MvxColors class based on Mono standard name set
  • Merged Mac binding and Mvvm code from @loqu8 - Mac has separate solution currently (more on this soon hopefully)
  • Improved TeamCity buildability via @loqu8

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