Thursday, October 24, 2013

More more more more awesome plugins from the big Cheese - badge #5

Regular MvvmCross users will already know Cheesebaron - he's already got **4** badges of awesomeness...

And today he gets number **5**!

The reason - he's posted lots of new plugins to his github repo -

Beyond the Azure Access Control plugin I blogged about last month, these include:

  • an SMS plugin
  • a Settings plugin (with a notable assist for James M)
  • a basic phone info plugin
  • a Connectivity plugin

Beyond these, Cheesebaron's also really proactive and helpful on the MvvmCross Github issues, on Stackoverflow and on the Xamarin forums - applying skill and expertise to help lots of devs every day. So as well as badge #5 I'm delighted to say that Cheesebaron's now also a full admin on the MvvmCross repos.

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