Friday, May 17, 2013

N=17 - From WP and Android to Touch (N+1 days of MvvmCross)

Finally... after a gap of a week we're back.

Sorry about the delay - it's mainly due to the fabulous training day we did on Monday in London, coupled with quite a lot of time that I've spent on customer projects.

Today's N+1 is about porting to iPhone:

  • Takes the Collect-A-Bull app from N=16
  • Briefly recaps over the WindowsPhone and Android functionality (apologies for some recording glitches here)
  • Adds a new iPhone project
  • Adds the plugins to it
  • Switches to the Mac where we add some views using XIBs (and we hit a 'freeze' within Mac OSX too!)
  • Switches back to the PC where we add the data-bindings for those views
  • Finishes with some debugging

I possibly rushed this step a little too much... I also possibly added some lines about ValueConverters that I didn't need to - adding some confusion - sorry!

Overall, though, I hope this is useful and I hope it brings Collect-A-Bull to a reasonable conclusion :)

Here's the video:

The source is on:

An N+1 index:

Previously in N+1:


  1. Thanks Stuart. Have you noticed that from 7:30 to 26:55 the video and audio are out of sync?

    1. Thanks for letting me know - will try reencoding and uploading it...

    2. Reencoding is playing up - still trying to get this working... overall this hasn't been my most successful tech 24 hours -

    3. Changed - hopefully better now :) Thanks for your attention - and for the wonderful index!

    4. thanks mate. will update the index tomorrow.