Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Slides and links from London MvvmCross event

Here are the notes from yesterday's MvvmCross sessions in London.

I'll be back on N+1 soon


How Can We Help?
Riaz Ahmed, Nokia, riaz.ahmed@nokia.com, @TheRealRiaz
Mike Taulty, Microsoft, mtaulty@microsoft.com, @mtaulty

Links to resources and events:

If you would like to get funding (up to 70k euro!) for developing a Windows Phone app, then head over to AppCampus (http://appcampus.fi) and apply!

So that's it from us! If you need to get in touch, our contact details are above.
Happy coding! 
Riaz and Mike
MvvmCross Basics
@GitteTitter blogs at http://proq.blogspot.com

Slides available at http://slidesha.re/10Liozh

Staying SOLID with PCL
Vagif Abilov @ooobject
Slide Deck - http://bit.ly/102x0c0

Helping the Lions Roar
@JonStoneman and Stephen Dunford from @SequenceAgency
Slide deck - http://slidesha.re/13YE7Cw

MvvmCross slides:
Some slides:
The Welcome: http://bit.ly/10Vhavp
Data-Binding: http://bit.ly/ZXOXFh
Using SQLite-net: http://bit.ly/10w1Y7Y
Collect-A-Bull: http://bit.ly/14jXeXb
Custom Controls: http://bit.ly/10w2B1n
Internationalization: http://bit.ly/18Ib2y4
iOS User Interface options: http://bit.ly/12xmx6Z
Solving linker problems: http://bit.ly/18Ibqgg

For more technical details on MvvmCross, follow the N+1 series of videos on YouTube:

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