Tuesday, May 28, 2013

N=23 - Dialogs - N+1 Days of MvvmCross

Sorry for the lack of new videos...

Just a bit busy right now - including with some time off :)

Today's video covers the MonoDroid and MonoTouch Dialogs in the 3.0.7 nuget MvvmCross packages

I may have been a little bla in my intoduction today - I may have assumed that everyone knows what dialogs are already....

If the mention of Dialog makes you think 'what's a Dialog?' then it might be best to start with an introduction to Dialogs... so maybe start with Nic Wise's slides at:

- http://fastchicken.co.nz/2013/04/20/xamarin-evolve-talk-fast-ui-creation-with-monotouch-dot-dialog/

(video of his talk is also coming soon on http://xamarin.com/evolve/2013)

If, however, you are already familiar with Dialogs, then here's the MvvmCross action:

And the code is on: https://github.com/slodge/NPlus1DaysOfMvvmCross/tree/master/N-23-Dlg

A full and fabulous index for N+1 is on http://mvvmcross.wordpress.com/

Previously in N+1:


  1. Hello, Stuart!
    I've been playing with MvvmCross for a while, but something really sad constantly happens with Nuget packages created by you.
    I am not sure if that's just my custom configuration (in some way) or something else, but I've bumbed into several more problems (except the ones known with Profile2/Profile104)... Not sure where to describe them better though.

    1. Thanks Agat. Your best bet is to ask a good question - including details of your configuration and details of the problem you see on stackoverflow.com or on the nuget codeplex site. With details of the problem, someone there will be able to help :) Stuart

    2. Thanks for the answer! However, I was mentioning that rather in sense of letting you know about the stuff (unless, that's just only because of my custom situation - not sure yet) and if so - to give your packages ability to get closer to perfection.
      Because, be sure, such tiny thing as "a problem with packages installing" can not stop myself from codding he he.

      So, the actual question was if I really should use Stackoverflow as a "bug tracker" for such custom questions?
      After the last update of Nuget some problems gone away, but I still get this error when trying to add "Core" package to a .Core project:

      "Could not install package 'MvvmCross.PortableSupport 3.0.7'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'portable-win+net45+MonoAndroid16+MonoTouch10+sl40+wp71', but the package does not contain any assembly references or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author."

      which changes to:

      "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when I remove "Xbox 360.xml" file from "Profile131\SupportedFrameworks" (yeah, I've already removed it from any other place before that :D ).

      But, anyway, not sure if that worths of your time for such exploration (I that still is not just because of my custom situation). Just letting you know.

      Boleslav (my actual name)

    3. Agat/Boreslav thanks, but stackoverflow is much easier to read and a 1000 times more likely to get someone from nuget to help. If you describe your custom profile 2/104/131 situation someone may help. Stuart

    4. Hm... Did I misunderstand correctly, ain't you are the one who generated those packages?

    5. Yes, but I didn't write nuget or PCL or WP or... Talking here is very hard, and has a very small audience. Stackoverflow is much easier to read and a 1000 times more likely to get someone from nuget to help.

    6. Aha. I was thinking that those might be rather package compilation problems, but no worries! :)
      Will get to stackoverflow if something new...