Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HttpClient Awesomeness

To many people `async` is old hat now...

But to many of us it's still quite new :)

But, **wow** is it awesome :)

Just like with Linq, to start with it doesn't feel that big a deal, but later - after you've been using it a bit - then you know that you are never going back :)

One of the first `async` components that people come across is `HttpClient`. Using this makes async network code really wonderfully writeable and readable :)


Further, when you use `HttpClient` on iOS, it isn't just better looking code - it can also be better performing code - as it can make use of the native iOS HttpHandling instead of the Mono .Net one.

Last year, PaulBetts produced a github repo to assist with this

To integrate that back into the PCL world of MvvmCross, a couple of regular MvvmCross contributors have posted lots of useful links:

This is awesome - and well deserving of badges #6 and #2 for Tomascz and Michael


... although actually right now I seem to be missing a post... where is the first badge for @rid00z - will go hunt!

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