Friday, February 28, 2014

MvvmCross needed a hero...

Running the MvvmCross open source project is amazing.

And, there are a lot of amazing people who contribute really clever ideas and things - thank you all :)

But beyond that, there's also a lot of hard work that goes on - lots of "maintenance".

This is especially the case when things break in dependent technologies - e.g. when Apple, Microsoft, Google or Xamarin change an underlying tool or API.

One of the biggest changes that happened last year was the change in PCLs - with Microsoft opening the licensing on the technology and with Xamarin partnering to provide official support. This was a fabulous moment - especially after 18 months of struggling against the file-linking flow. But the way it turned out also meant that all the existing MvvmCross samples and N+1s were immediately out-of-date. For N+1, this meant there were 40 solutions - each with 3 or more projects - all of which needed loading, updating and testing.

This needed a hero...

And it found one:

Kerry - THANK YOU - beyond awesome and totally deserving of badge of awesomeness #2!

And here's a plug for your podcast too:

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