Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Patrick's awesome WCF with Portable Class Library blog post

I'm not really a typical .Net dev.

There's quite a few bits of "every day" .Net that I've never touched.

One of these is WCF - it's just something that I've never really used... and as a result there's a gap in MvvmCross and my blogging and videoing - WCF's not something I've really hooked up with...

And into that gap has stepped http://gofarfetched.blogspot.com - Patrick McCurley

This is awesome - a really excellent well-written blog post! For example, look at some of the diagrams:

If you're into MvvmCross, I highly recommend it for a read - it shows some really nice architecture patterns - it's a well-written app as well as post!

Thank you gofarfetched - a total pleasure to award this badge of awesomeness!

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  1. Wow - a privilege to receive a badge of awesomeness. Thanks Stuart, was wondering why my blog traffic spiked :)

    Unfortunately a change of circumstances has taken me away from the Mvx space, but I promise that Part 2 will come eventually :)