Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Awesome Sliding Menus - from Big Frank and the BoneCrusher!

In the last year, 'hamburger menus' have become increasingly popular in apps - so much so, that they are now even included as a standard Android feature in the Navigation Drawer.

Within Xamarin.iOS, @jtclancey led the way - especially with his gmusic-tried-and-tested

Within MvvmCross, we've seen a couple of users post modifications to @jtclancey's code including

- paired with

I got to use this second one recently in a client project - and it is awesome - it slid straight in as an MvvmCross presenter, it gave me a view model for each panel, and it was easy to extend so that child controllers caused main-panel rather than whole page navigations.

For this awesomeness, PatboneCrusher and Big Frank get a badge - no idea how it'll be divided between the two of them, but thanks guys - awesome!

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