Friday, July 12, 2013

Splat awesomeness

Since April 2012 MvvmCross has been pushing PCLs forwards as a key part of the future of mobile development.

As part of this, we've produced our own plugins for things like image loading and our own abstractions for things like Colo(u)r.

One new project that's recently started is the splat project - see

This project aims to provide more cross-platform portable low-level abstractions - like Color, Point, Rect, etc - and to provide some higher-level utilities too - like Image loading from resources.

This type of thing is obviously really useful to anyone creating PCL-based apps - so it should be really useful to anyone using, extending or building MvvmCross...

Paul Betts - this is awesome - welcome to the dystopian PCL future - a badge of portable awesomeness - thanks!

Also... while you are checking out Splat, be sure to also check out ReactiveUI too - STAR THEM BOTH TODAY!

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