Wednesday, July 17, 2013

N=36 - A Rio Binding Carnival :)

Today's N+1 follows on from the previous Tibet video - N=35 - which was all about Views and multibinding.

Rio Binding today is all about ViewModels.

Rio is an attempt to experiment with different types of ViewModel. In particular to:

  • use 
    • fields
    • methods 

  • instead of
    • properties
    • commands.

Using the FieldBinding and MethodBinding plugins from Rio, a view model can look like:

instead of an old-skool-INotifyPropertyChanged ViewModel like:

Rio is an attempt to start a conversation.:

  • Which ViewModel style do you prefer? 
  • Why? 
  • What else could be tried?
  • How could anyone do better?

Please note that no-one is saying that Rio field- and method-binding is better than the established property and command binding. All it does for now is to offer some new alternatives. Always think about your code and always choose the tools and techniques which suit you, your team and your app best - the app is king!

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A full N+1 index is available on:

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