Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dialog Awesomenessssssssssssss!

Within the MvvmCross repo, we've got a specialist fork of MonoTouch.Dialog, MonoDroid.Dialog and we've got our own default UI code - AutoViews.

Recently this code has been receiving lots of love, attention, skill and dedication from 2 individuals: @hhubschle and csteeg

Among the fixes and improvements, we've had:

  • increments in Time and Date pickers on both Touch and Droid
  • increments in edit text controls
  • test apps in DialogExamples and AutoViewExamples
  • vastly improved AutoView creation
  • lots of action in other controls too - e.g. in Achievements/Badges

All of this is brilliantly awesome - it's fab to see this Dialog code getting new functionality and fixes - completely awesome and totally deserving of two badges of awesomeness - thanks for the contributions guys:

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