Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just in case I need to use PHPMailer again...

The important line was $mail->SMTPAuth = true.

Thanks to:

$mail = new PHPMailer(); 

$mail->IsSMTP(); // send via SMTP 
$mail->Host "mail.domain name"// SMTP servers 
$mail->SMTPAuth true// turn on SMTP authentication 
$mail->Username "Domain Email account"// SMTP username 
$mail->Password "password of an email account"// SMTP password 

$mail->From "From email account – from above mentioned domain"
$mail->FromName "From Name here"
$mail->AddAddress("To Email account here ","Display name"); 
$mail->AddReplyTo("Reply to email account here ","Details"); 

$mail->WordWrap 50// set word wrap 

$mail->IsHTML(true); // send as HTML 

$mail->Subject "Subject Line of the email"
$mail->Body "Body part of the message – email details</b>"
$mail->AltBody "Alternate part of the body"


"Message did not sent <p>"
"Mailer Error: " $mail->ErrorInfo

"Message has been sent"


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writing a DNN skin - need to get parent tab name

John Mitchell to the answer:

Have you ever wanted to get at more than just <%= SkinPath %>in your skin?

Maybe you want to display the name of the currently Active Page?

<%=PortalSettings.ActiveTab.TabName %>

Or maybe you want to display the name of the Active Page's Root level Parent?


If you want the currently Active Page's immediate Parent Tab Name try this:

<%=PortalSettings.ActiveTab.BreadCrumbs(PortalSettings.ActiveTab.Level - 1).TabName %>

Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Visual Studio 2008 keeps crashing

It's happened to me before and it's so annoying

Visual Studio just crashes and crashes and crashes - and it's not so easy to work out what to do...

First try the log file:

Then try the reset commands... basically type /? on the command line and you get options like /resetskippkgs and /resetaddin and /resetsettings

I'll try anything - I just want to get on with work!

Friday, January 15, 2010

MonoTouch - if you can't see any Provisioning Profiles

If MonoDevelop can't see any Provisioning Profiles, but XCode can, then maybe just maybe:

Distribution identity is not shown in MonoDevelop project signing options

MonoDevelop 2.2 has a bug that causes it not to detect distribution certificates that contain a comma. Apreview build of MonoDevelop 2.2.1 is currently available that fixes this issue.

This worked for me!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UITabBarController (kind of) inside a Modal child view

I've been playing quite a bit with MonoTouch - love it

It won't be a long term solution I feel (I *think* Silverlight is coming to the iPhone soon!) but it is a good solution for me right now.

One of the problems I've had is trying to get a UITabBarController to work in a child View - basically I just can't work out how to do this in Interface Builder.

To work around it I tried this code instead - using a UITabBar and custom linking code rather than using the "full" UITabBarController.

public override void ViewDidLoad ()
base.ViewDidLoad ();
childOne.Text = "one";
childTwo.Text = "two";
tabbar.SelectedItem = tabitemOne;
tabbar.Delegate = new MyUITabBarDelegate(this);

class MyUITabBarDelegate : UITabBarDelegate
TabViewController tvc;
public MyUITabBarDelegate (TabViewController _tvc)
tvc = _tvc;
public override void ItemSelected (UITabBar tabbar, UITabBarItem item)
if (item.Tag == 0)
//while (tvc.mainView.Subviews.Count() > 0)
// tvc.mainView.Subviews[0].RemoveFromSuperview();
//while (tvc.mainView.Subviews.Count() > 0)
// tvc.mainView.Subviews[0].RemoveFromSuperview();

Some initial MonTouch links

Doing MonoTouch stuff - and really quite enjoying myself!

I'd better make it pay though....

The monotouch forums are very useful - lots of code snippets around! is a good place to look for links

If you want to write games using Cocos, then check out:

This is a super tutorial

Craig Dunn's blog contains some very helpful posts:

Another blog/tutorial

Not monotouch, but useful for that real deployment stage,,,

StackOverflow is always a good place:
e.g. look at this level of info for writing a file -

Not monotouch, but for testing apps, this looks interesting:

Monday, January 11, 2010

A really good guide to url rewrite rules

Coupling an indecipherable language (regex) with a few flags to achieve lots of unexpected effects...

Mainly posting this here as I keep hitting snags with my Wordpress MU installation on IIS

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Setting up wordpress MU to work with authenticated SMTP Mail Server

I really don't like having sendmail running on a webserver, but some features of WordPressjust don't work if it can't send email (user registration, for example). Still, WordPress offers support to send email through external SMTP servers instead if a local mailer.

In /wp-includes/pluggable.php around line 377, change




Then, in /wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php around line 155, set your SMTP host:

     var $Host        = "";

You may also need to set a username and password, and tell WP to attempt authentication. You'll see those in the lines below the hostname variable.

     var $SMTPAuth     = true;     var $Username     = "username";     var $Password     = "password";

On the other hand, you could do this via a plugin, perhaps even Callum McDonald's WP MailSMTP.

For my redfoxhosting hosted SMTP server, the settings were:

Easy (but took 4 go's to get right!)