Friday, October 24, 2014

MvvmCross 3.2.2-beta1 - and "coming soon"....

Yesterday we pushed the latest beta binaries to nuget and to the binaries repo.

The changes in 3.2.2-beta1 are:
  • Additions to LinkerPleaseInclude for Activity.Title and CheckedTextView.Switch
  • A fix for base class Dictionary deserialization
  • An optimisation for WinRT `File.Exists`
  • A fix for iOS 8 CoreLocation permissions

See the commits (and linked issues) in

Thanks to everyone who's sent us issues and pull requests - you are all awesome (sorry I'm very far behind with badges!)


Coming up next - after 3.2.2 - are some important breaking changes - so we are consider 3.3 or higher for the next version.

These include:

- @Cheesebaron's excellent "Whoa Fragments" changes -
- @kwlothrop's superb Unified API changes -

If you've got ideas/suggestions/requests about how we merge and release these breaking changes in, then please do join in on those github links.

Thanks all