Saturday, January 31, 2009

A HUGE recommendation for parsing CSV formats (and other similar formats too)

This CSV parser is just superb:

Use it and love it.

Fast, well engineered and very powerful - downloaded it yesterday and had all sorts of stuff running 10 minutes later - then it helped me work out and workaround errors in the incoming files - just a really good bit of software for a really essential task.

(and while I'm recommending... Paint.Net looks like a very handy bit of kit too- !)

Friday, January 30, 2009

What a bunch of miserable take take take bastards all my blog readers are...

Or rather.... thanks to for pointing out that I'd forgotten to enable comments on my blog.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some notes following yesterday's London .Net user group

I'm not sure my notes are going to be the best on last night... as I was up to talk last, it did vaguely distract me...

Andrew Myhre
Digital Wall - Online urban decent, graphite in the 22nd century - a bit of a gimmick at the moment - but one that in a creative space could turn heads... and I would quite like my moblie phone to show me a digital wall... maybe (like twitter) this might yet have a future one day...

Scott Cowan
So there I was thinking I was good knowing about NUnit and having the intention of using NMock and RhinoMocks (and maybe even Castle's Inversion of Control) one day soon. And then along comes Behaviour Driven Testing... clearly yet more good intentions for me to add to my list - excellent blog name too -

Christian Blunden vs Ben Hall
Battle of the cruise controls.... as Harry Hill would say - fight!
I've got admit we used to use Cruise Control at my last job - and that it broke in the first month and we couldn't be bothered to fix it... oops. However, both these UIs looked much simpler to use... next time (more good intentions)
BlogUrlMissing vs

Abid Quereshi
An interesting overview of some lessons learned changing a company's culture... Interesting to hear about the pain... it's not something I've seen before - especially having never worked for a big company, having always had plenty of cheek (rather than courage) and having always got on with building stuff (new term learnt tonight - "lean" development)

Justin Davies
Unit testing with classic ASP. Really really really puts me to shame - a nice compact framework built around ASP (which he quite correctly described as "shit") to allow NUnit tests to be run - nice to see code rather than ppoints (again puts me to shame)
Blog - BeingNew

Ben Nunney
PowerShell - very amusing stories about what makes Ben get up every day. A bit of me dislikes all this empowering of sys admins with programming skills... but most of me knows that it means it frees me to go on and work on much more fun stuff.
twitter: @bennuk

Sebastien Lambla
Fluent-nhibernate - what can I say - my first sighting of Windows 7 in the wild - and it was running on a Mac Air... chapeau!

Next time less slides (no slides) and maybe a demo instead - but wifi is a necessity not a luxury :)
This is my blog!

Did I miss anyone?

Visual Studio's strangest error message yet....

All I want to do is add a file to my project.... but "the computer says no"

I get a message box that says:
"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt"

So what does this mean? Well, googling for the error reveals all sorts of hits - e.g. this thread is quite interesting - but I haven't found a solution (yet)

Ho hum!

Update - I think this was something to do with the fact that one of my projects was a 2.0 target - while everything else was 3.5 - but really I'm still in the dark.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My presentation to the London Dot Net Users Group this evening...

The contents are here

I suspect I won't fit much of it in my 5 minute slot (I do like to talk...)

If you did come and you want me to do another talk ever again... then please login to stacka and upload a stack...

Alternatively if you came and you never want me to talk again... then please login to stacka and upload 2 stacks...

If you know anyone who likes to run/cycle/ski/walk with a GPS please do point them at RunSaturday - it's still growing :)

Here's the presentation embedded:

One other note - I've got lots of fun little development projects going on at the moment - all .NET 3.5, all C# - if anyone wants to get involved, then let me know and I'll try to work out how to parcel up some work. Not open source as such, but community collab on a small scale.

Stacka has a brother -

I've modified my Azure application, stacka, a little - so now it's a directory of applications.


Really finding debugging and deploying of Azure apps to be slow... but overall still loving the power

Bring it on :)

Linq to SQL and UNION - "All queries combined using a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator must have an equal number of expressions in their target lists."

I'm trying to link together quite a few different tables at the moment in Linq...

And I've hit an interesting SQL error....

"All queries combined using a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator must have an equal number of expressions in their target lists."

Bascially what is happening is:

The two queries I'm trying to UNION are:

                var inwardActivityCommentFeedItems = from aComment in db.SlodgeComments_ActivityComments
                                                join comment in db.SlodgeComments_Comments on aComment.CommentId equals comment.CommentId
                                                join activity in db.SlodgeRoutes_Activities on aComment.ActivityId equals activity.ActivityId
                                                join activityUser in db.dnn_Users on activity.UserId equals activityUser.UserID
                                                join commentUser in db.dnn_Users on comment.CommenterUserId equals commentUser.UserID
                                                where activityUser.UserID == userId
                                                orderby comment.CommentDate descending
                                                select new FeedItem
                                                    ActivityId = activity.ActivityId,
                                                    Date = comment.CommentDate,
                                                    CommentingUserId = commentUser.UserID,
                                                    CommentingUserName = commentUser.Username,
                                                    CommentText = comment.CommentText,
                                                    FeedItemType = FeedItemType.ActivityComment,
                                                    ActivityTitle = activity.Title,
                                                    TargetUserId = activityUser.UserID,
                                                    CommentId = comment.CommentId,
                                                    TargetUserName = activityUser.Username                                           

                var activityFeedItems = from activity in db.SlodgeRoutes_Activities
                                      join user in db.dnn_Users on activity.UserId equals user.UserID
                                      where activity.UserId == userId
                                      orderby activity.StartTime descending
                                      select new FeedItem
                                          ActivityId = activity.ActivityId,
                                          ActivityTitle = activity.Title,
                                          Date = activity.StartTime,
                                          CommentingUserId = -1,
                                          CommentingUserName = string.Empty,
                                          CommentText = string.Empty,
                                          CommentId = -1,
                                          FeedItemType = FeedItemType.Activity,
                                          TargetUserId = user.UserID,
                                          TargetUserName = user.Username

So they both produce FeedItems...

But the SQL produced is:

{SELECT TOP (40) [t8].[value] AS [FeedItemType], [t8].[UserID] AS [CommentingUserId], [t8].[Username] AS [CommentingUserName], [t8].[UserID2] AS [TargetUserId], [t8].[Username2] AS [TargetUserName], [t8].[CommentText], [t8].[CommentDate] AS [Date], [t8].[ActivityId], [t8].[Title] AS [ActivityTitle], [t8].[CommentId]
    SELECT [t7].[value], [t7].[UserID], [t7].[Username], [t7].[UserID2], [t7].[Username2], [t7].[CommentText], [t7].[CommentDate], [t7].[ActivityId], [t7].[Title], [t7].[CommentId]
    FROM (
        SELECT @p1 AS [value], [t4].[UserID], [t4].[Username], [t3].[UserID] AS [UserID2], [t3].[Username] AS [Username2], [t1].[CommentText], [t1].[CommentDate], [t2].[ActivityId], [t2].[Title], [t1].[CommentId]
        FROM [dbo].[SlodgeComments_ActivityComment] AS [t0]
        INNER JOIN [dbo].[SlodgeComments_Comment] AS [t1] ON [t0].[CommentId] = [t1].[CommentId]
        INNER JOIN [dbo].[SlodgeRoutes_Activities] AS [t2] ON [t0].[ActivityId] = [t2].[ActivityId]
        INNER JOIN [dbo].[dnn_Users] AS [t3] ON [t2].[UserId] = [t3].[UserID]
        INNER JOIN [dbo].[dnn_Users] AS [t4] ON [t1].[CommenterUserId] = [t4].[UserID]
        WHERE [t3].[UserID] = @p0
        SELECT @p3 AS [value], @p4 AS [value2], @p5 AS [value3], [t6].[UserID], [t6].[Username], [t5].[StartTime], [t5].[ActivityId], [t5].[Title]
        FROM [dbo].[SlodgeRoutes_Activities] AS [t5]
        INNER JOIN [dbo].[dnn_Users] AS [t6] ON [t5].[UserId] = [t6].[UserID]
        WHERE [t5].[UserId] = @p2
        ) AS [t7]
    ) AS [t8]

If you look closely at the SQL you can see the two selection statements inside the union have been generated as:
        SELECT @p1 AS [value],
[t3].[UserID] AS [UserID2],
[t3].[Username] AS [Username2],

        SELECT @p3 AS [value],
@p4 AS [value2],
@p5 AS [value3],

So the second statement does have less SELECT items returned than the first.


Eventually I worked this out as.... the problem is in bit of the the Linq which says:
                                          CommentingUserId = -1,
                                          CommentingUserName = string.Empty,
                                          CommentText = string.Empty,
                                          CommentId = -1,

The SQL generated by this somehow decides it can cut down on returning the -1's twice and the string.empty's twice...

So if I replace this with
                                          CommentingUserId = -1,
                                          CommentingUserName = "1",
                                          CommentText = "2",
                                          CommentId = -2,

Then I no longer see the error....

Of course I'm not saying this Linq is optimal or good practice - I'm just coding at the moment :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ipconfig /flushdns

Been playing with domains today - switching them around - adding some in, changing DNS tables and even nameservers.

As a result, I got into "a right pickle" - with my PC thinking ftp. and mail. and www. were all over the shop.

The answer....

ipconfig /flushdns

Good post on it here...

At last!

After lots of confusion and effort.... is finally live!

There's been lots going on both good (I'm going to get paid for last year after all :) ) and bad (lawyers on the phone is never going to be a good thing!).

I've also had to rush out an "Azure" website - it's called Stacka and it's just for fun - basically the idea is to let people share photos of piles of things like this:

or this:

The idea was inspired from seeing some tri people post their piles of triathlon books on Fetch once.

As an Azure expert (no-one else knows what Azure is either - so I'm now an expert!), I'm supposed to talk about it tomorrow night at a local tech user's group - hence why I rushed it out in the last couple of days.

Anyway... if anyone is at all bored then please do feel free to upload your own pile of things to the site - I think it's mostly working now, although there are some quirks (the login page being one of them - sorry!).


Monday, January 26, 2009

More Azure run and deployment problems

I have continued on with my Azure deployment and it is now almost up and running....

Along the way I hit:
Parser Error Message: Initialization of data service structures (tables and/or blobs) failed!The most probable reason for this is that the storage endpoints are not configured correctly. Please look at the configuration settings in your .cscfg and Web.config files. More information about this error can be found in the logs when running inside the hosting environment or in the output window of Visual Studio.

Solution> The reason behind this was my config files - fixed it by changing my config files to


      <Setting name="AccountName" value="stacka"/>

      <Setting name="AccountSharedKey" value="zT+Q1IX6--- the big long key from my stack storage account - marked primary ---zUoE4ireQ=="/>

      <Setting name="BlobStorageEndpoint" value=""/>

      <Setting name="TableStorageEndpoint" value=""/>

      <Setting name="QueueStorageEndpoint" value="" />

      <Setting name="allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints" value="true"/>


Note that the Endpoint names do *not* include stacka - the Microsoft samples library code adds the stacka  in from the account name - confusing huh?

Then I hit:

InternalServerError - Only one VIP swap per tenant at a time is allowed  InternalServerError - Only one VIP swap per tenant at a time is allowed

And I 'm still stuck on this - hopefully Microsoft will come along and unlock my account soon :o-

I've also found out how to use my own domain name with Azure ( - I use something called a CNAME record in my DNS settings - all very simple to do through the RedFox Hosting control panel :)

Back on Azure development (for a little while)

So I've finally gotten a chance (and requirement) to go back to stacka, my Azure development project.

Getting my head back into the Azure space hasn't been entirely unpainful - there's lots of jargon and bits to remember and to work out afresh...

Errors encountered so far:

- some sort of internal Azure error - lots of "InternalServerError" messages, plus some horrid seemingly infinite looping "package is deploying" messages (in response to me choosing delete!) - but they weren't infinite - instead they ended with "InternalServerError - Completion of simple upgrade could not be determined. Estimated elapsed time: 920"

Thread is here -

But basically the answer is that Microsoft support are closely monitoring the Azure forum and are pretty fast in responding and helping - thanks.

- A runtime error - "The provider is configured with allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints set to false (default setting) but the endpoint for the storage system does not seem to be an https or local endpoint. Please configure the provider to use an https enpoint for the storage endpoint or explicitly set the configuration option allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints to true."

The answer to this was there - you really are supposed to set allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints to true

Will let you know when the site is live... and working....

As an additional note on "allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints", there is also another option - you can change your, etc entries to

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking up country codes and latitude longitude

I spent some time looking at how to build an IP->location service into my current app.

There were a few freeware webservices around - but they didn't look very accurate (to say the least!) - and I certainly was not going to invest in the main commercial platform - MaxMind.

In the end I went for a real kludge - I went for a lookup of country (from a DNN entry) to a mapping to an ISO 3166 country code to a centre of country lat/lng value pair - as provided by the CIA.

Here's the code if anyone wants it:

    class CountryCodes


        static Dictionary<string, string> Lookup = new Dictionary<string,string>();


        public static string GetCode(string country)


            if (country != null)


                country = country.ToUpper();

                if (Lookup.ContainsKey(country))

                    return Lookup[country];


            return "GB";



        private static void Add(string country, string code)


            Lookup[country] = code;



        // from

        static CountryCodes()


            Add("AALAND ISLANDS", "AX");

            Add("AFGHANISTAN", "AF");

            Add("ALBANIA", "AL");

            Add("ALGERIA", "DZ");

            Add("AMERICAN SAMOA", "AS");

            Add("ANDORRA", "AD");

            Add("ANGOLA", "AO");

            Add("ANGUILLA", "AI");

            Add("ANTARCTICA", "AQ");

            Add("ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA", "AG");

            Add("ARGENTINA", "AR");

            Add("ARMENIA", "AM");

            Add("ARUBA", "AW");

            Add("AUSTRALIA", "AU");

            Add("AUSTRIA", "AT");

            Add("AZERBAIJAN", "AZ");

            Add("BAHAMAS", "BS");

            Add("BAHRAIN", "BH");

            Add("BANGLADESH", "BD");

            Add("BARBADOS", "BB");

            Add("BELARUS", "BY");

            Add("BELGIUM", "BE");

            Add("BELIZE", "BZ");

            Add("BENIN", "BJ");

            Add("BERMUDA", "BM");

            Add("BHUTAN", "BT");

            Add("BOLIVIA", "BO");

            Add("BOSNIA AND HERZEGOWINA", "BA");

            Add("BOTSWANA", "BW");

            Add("BOUVET ISLAND", "BV");

            Add("BRAZIL", "BR");


            Add("BRUNEI DARUSSALAM", "BN");

            Add("BULGARIA", "BG");

            Add("BURKINA FASO", "BF");

            Add("BURUNDI", "BI");

            Add("CAMBODIA", "KH");

            Add("CAMEROON", "CM");

            Add("CANADA", "CA");

            Add("CAPE VERDE", "CV");

            Add("CAYMAN ISLANDS", "KY");

            Add("CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC", "CF");

            Add("CHAD", "TD");

            Add("CHILE", "CL");

            Add("CHINA", "CN");

            Add("CHRISTMAS ISLAND", "CX");

            Add("COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS", "CC");

            Add("COLOMBIA", "CO");

            Add("COMOROS", "KM");

            Add("CONGO, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire)", "CD");

            Add("CONGO, Republic of", "CG");

            Add("COOK ISLANDS", "CK");

            Add("COSTA RICA", "CR");

            Add("COTE D'IVOIRE", "CI");

            Add("CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska)", "HR");

            Add("CUBA", "CU");

            Add("CYPRUS", "CY");

            Add("CZECH REPUBLIC", "CZ");

            Add("DENMARK", "DK");

            Add("DJIBOUTI", "DJ");

            Add("DOMINICA", "DM");

            Add("DOMINICAN REPUBLIC", "DO");

            Add("ECUADOR", "EC");

            Add("EGYPT", "EG");

            Add("EL SALVADOR", "SV");

            Add("EQUATORIAL GUINEA", "GQ");

            Add("ERITREA", "ER");

            Add("ESTONIA", "EE");

            Add("ETHIOPIA", "ET");

            Add("FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS)", "FK");

            Add("FAROE ISLANDS", "FO");

            Add("FIJI", "FJ");

            Add("FINLAND", "FI");

            Add("FRANCE", "FR");

            Add("FRENCH GUIANA", "GF");

            Add("FRENCH POLYNESIA", "PF");


            Add("GABON", "GA");

            Add("GAMBIA", "GM");

            Add("GEORGIA", "GE");

            Add("GERMANY", "DE");

            Add("GHANA", "GH");

            Add("GIBRALTAR", "GI");

            Add("GREECE", "GR");

            Add("GREENLAND", "GL");

            Add("GRENADA", "GD");

            Add("GUADELOUPE", "GP");

            Add("GUAM", "GU");

            Add("GUATEMALA", "GT");

            Add("GUINEA", "GN");

            Add("GUINEA-BISSAU", "GW");

            Add("GUYANA", "GY");

            Add("HAITI", "HT");

            Add("HEARD AND MC DONALD ISLANDS", "HM");

            Add("HONDURAS", "HN");

            Add("HONG KONG", "HK");

            Add("HUNGARY", "HU");

            Add("ICELAND", "IS");

            Add("INDIA", "IN");

            Add("INDONESIA", "ID");

            Add("IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)", "IR");

            Add("IRAQ", "IQ");

            Add("IRELAND", "IE");

            Add("ISRAEL", "IL");

            Add("ITALY", "IT");

            Add("JAMAICA", "JM");

            Add("JAPAN", "JP");

            Add("JORDAN", "JO");

            Add("KAZAKHSTAN", "KZ");

            Add("KENYA", "KE");

            Add("KIRIBATI", "KI");


            Add("KOREA, REPUBLIC OF", "KR");

            Add("KUWAIT", "KW");

            Add("KYRGYZSTAN", "KG");


            Add("LATVIA", "LV");

            Add("LEBANON", "LB");

            Add("LESOTHO", "LS");

            Add("LIBERIA", "LR");

            Add("LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA", "LY");

            Add("LIECHTENSTEIN", "LI");

            Add("LITHUANIA", "LT");

            Add("LUXEMBOURG", "LU");

            Add("MACAU", "MO");


            Add("MADAGASCAR", "MG");

            Add("MALAWI", "MW");

            Add("MALAYSIA", "MY");

            Add("MALDIVES", "MV");

            Add("MALI", "ML");

            Add("MALTA", "MT");

            Add("MARSHALL ISLANDS", "MH");

            Add("MARTINIQUE", "MQ");

            Add("MAURITANIA", "MR");

            Add("MAURITIUS", "MU");

            Add("MAYOTTE", "YT");

            Add("MEXICO", "MX");


            Add("MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF", "MD");

            Add("MONACO", "MC");

            Add("MONGOLIA", "MN");

            Add("MONTSERRAT", "MS");

            Add("MOROCCO", "MA");

            Add("MOZAMBIQUE", "MZ");

            Add("MYANMAR", "MM");

            Add("NAMIBIA", "NA");

            Add("NAURU", "NR");

            Add("NEPAL", "NP");

            Add("NETHERLANDS", "NL");

            Add("NETHERLANDS ANTILLES", "AN");

            Add("NEW CALEDONIA", "NC");

            Add("NEW ZEALAND", "NZ");

            Add("NICARAGUA", "NI");

            Add("NIGER", "NE");

            Add("NIGERIA", "NG");

            Add("NIUE", "NU");

            Add("NORFOLK ISLAND", "NF");

            Add("NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS", "MP");

            Add("NORWAY", "NO");

            Add("OMAN", "OM");

            Add("PAKISTAN", "PK");

            Add("PALAU", "PW");

            Add("PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, Occupied", "PS");

            Add("PANAMA", "PA");

            Add("PAPUA NEW GUINEA", "PG");

            Add("PARAGUAY", "PY");

            Add("PERU", "PE");

            Add("PHILIPPINES", "PH");

            Add("PITCAIRN", "PN");

            Add("POLAND", "PL");

            Add("PORTUGAL", "PT");

            Add("PUERTO RICO", "PR");

            Add("QATAR", "QA");

            Add("REUNION", "RE");

            Add("ROMANIA", "RO");

            Add("RUSSIAN FEDERATION", "RU");

            Add("RWANDA", "RW");

            Add("SAINT HELENA", "SH");

            Add("SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS", "KN");

            Add("SAINT LUCIA", "LC");

            Add("SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON", "PM");


            Add("SAMOA", "WS");

            Add("SAN MARINO", "SM");

            Add("SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE", "ST");

            Add("SAUDI ARABIA", "SA");

            Add("SENEGAL", "SN");

            Add("SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO", "CS");

            Add("SEYCHELLES", "SC");

            Add("SIERRA LEONE", "SL");

            Add("SINGAPORE", "SG");

            Add("SLOVAKIA", "SK");

            Add("SLOVENIA", "SI");

            Add("SOLOMON ISLANDS", "SB");

            Add("SOMALIA", "SO");

            Add("SOUTH AFRICA", "ZA");


            Add("SPAIN", "ES");

            Add("SRI LANKA", "LK");

            Add("SUDAN", "SD");

            Add("SURINAME", "SR");


            Add("SWAZILAND", "SZ");

            Add("SWEDEN", "SE");

            Add("SWITZERLAND", "CH");

            Add("SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC", "SY");

            Add("TAIWAN", "TW");

            Add("TAJIKISTAN", "TJ");

            Add("TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF", "TZ");

            Add("THAILAND", "TH");

            Add("TIMOR-LESTE", "TL");

            Add("TOGO", "TG");

            Add("TOKELAU", "TK");

            Add("TONGA", "TO");

            Add("TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO", "TT");

            Add("TUNISIA", "TN");

            Add("TURKEY", "TR");

            Add("TURKMENISTAN", "TM");

            Add("TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS", "TC");

            Add("TUVALU", "TV");

            Add("UGANDA", "UG");

            Add("UKRAINE", "UA");

            Add("UNITED ARAB EMIRATES", "AE");

            Add("UNITED KINGDOM", "GB");

            Add("UNITED STATES", "US");


            Add("URUGUAY", "UY");

            Add("UZBEKISTAN", "UZ");

            Add("VANUATU", "VU");

            Add("VATICAN CITY STATE (HOLY SEE)", "VA");

            Add("VENEZUELA", "VE");

            Add("VIET NAM", "VN");

            Add("VIRGIN ISLANDS (BRITISH)", "VG");

            Add("VIRGIN ISLANDS (U.S.)", "VI");

            Add("WALLIS AND FUTUNA ISLANDS", "WF");

            Add("WESTERN SAHARA", "EH");

            Add("YEMEN", "YE");

            Add("ZAMBIA", "ZM");

            Add("ZIMBABWE", "ZW");





    class LatLngCountry


        public double Lat { get; set; }

        public double Long { get; set; }

        public string CountryCode { get; set; }

        public LatLngCountry (string code, double lat, double lng)


            Lat = lat;

            Long = lng;

            CountryCode = code;




    static class LatLngfromCountryCode


        private static Dictionary<string, LatLngCountry> TheDictionary = new Dictionary<string,LatLngCountry>();


        private static void Add(LatLngCountry country)


            TheDictionary[country.CountryCode] = country;



        public static LatLngCountry Get(string code)


            LatLngCountry country;

            if (TheDictionary.TryGetValue(code, out country))

                return country;

            return Get("GB");



        public static LatLngCountry Get(int userId)


            string country = DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserController.GetUser(0, userId, true).Profile.Country;

            return Get(CountryCodes.GetCode(country));



        // from

        static LatLngfromCountryCode()


            Add(new LatLngCountry("AD", 42.5000, 1.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AE", 24.0000, 54.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AF", 33.0000, 65.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AG", 17.0500, -61.8000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AI", 18.2500, -63.1667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AL", 41.0000, 20.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AM", 40.0000, 45.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AN", 12.2500, -68.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AO", -12.5000, 18.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AP", 35.0000, 105.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AQ", -90.0000, 0.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AR", -34.0000, -64.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AS", -14.3333, -170.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AT", 47.3333, 13.3333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AU", -27.0000, 133.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AW", 12.5000, -69.9667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("AZ", 40.5000, 47.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BA", 44.0000, 18.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BB", 13.1667, -59.5333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BD", 24.0000, 90.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BE", 50.8333, 4.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BF", 13.0000, -2.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BG", 43.0000, 25.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BH", 26.0000, 50.5500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BI", -3.5000, 30.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BJ", 9.5000, 2.2500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BM", 32.3333, -64.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BN", 4.5000, 114.6667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BO", -17.0000, -65.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BR", -10.0000, -55.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BS", 24.2500, -76.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BT", 27.5000, 90.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BV", -54.4333, 3.4000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BW", -22.0000, 24.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BY", 53.0000, 28.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("BZ", 17.2500, -88.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CA", 60.0000, -95.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CC", -12.5000, 96.8333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CD", 0.0000, 25.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CF", 7.0000, 21.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CG", -1.0000, 15.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CH", 47.0000, 8.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CI", 8.0000, -5.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CK", -21.2333, -159.7667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CL", -30.0000, -71.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CM", 6.0000, 12.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CN", 35.0000, 105.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CO", 4.0000, -72.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CR", 10.0000, -84.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CU", 21.5000, -80.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CV", 16.0000, -24.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CX", -10.5000, 105.6667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CY", 35.0000, 33.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("CZ", 49.7500, 15.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("DE", 51.0000, 9.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("DJ", 11.5000, 43.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("DK", 56.0000, 10.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("DM", 15.4167, -61.3333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("DO", 19.0000, -70.6667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("DZ", 28.0000, 3.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("EC", -2.0000, -77.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("EE", 59.0000, 26.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("EG", 27.0000, 30.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("EH", 24.5000, -13.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ER", 15.0000, 39.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ES", 40.0000, -4.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ET", 8.0000, 38.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("EU", 47.0000, 8.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("FI", 64.0000, 26.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("FJ", -18.0000, 175.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("FK", -51.7500, -59.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("FM", 6.9167, 158.2500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("FO", 62.0000, -7.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("FR", 46.0000, 2.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GA", -1.0000, 11.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GB", 54.0000, -2.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GD", 12.1167, -61.6667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GE", 42.0000, 43.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GF", 4.0000, -53.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GH", 8.0000, -2.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GI", 36.1833, -5.3667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GL", 72.0000, -40.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GM", 13.4667, -16.5667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GN", 11.0000, -10.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GP", 16.2500, -61.5833));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GQ", 2.0000, 10.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GR", 39.0000, 22.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GS", -54.5000, -37.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GT", 15.5000, -90.2500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GU", 13.4667, 144.7833));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GW", 12.0000, -15.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("GY", 5.0000, -59.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("HK", 22.2500, 114.1667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("HM", -53.1000, 72.5167));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("HN", 15.0000, -86.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("HR", 45.1667, 15.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("HT", 19.0000, -72.4167));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("HU", 47.0000, 20.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ID", -5.0000, 120.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IE", 53.0000, -8.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IL", 31.5000, 34.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IN", 20.0000, 77.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IO", -6.0000, 71.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IQ", 33.0000, 44.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IR", 32.0000, 53.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IS", 65.0000, -18.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("IT", 42.8333, 12.8333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("JM", 18.2500, -77.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("JO", 31.0000, 36.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("JP", 36.0000, 138.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KE", 1.0000, 38.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KG", 41.0000, 75.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KH", 13.0000, 105.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KI", 1.4167, 173.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KM", -12.1667, 44.2500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KN", 17.3333, -62.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KP", 40.0000, 127.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KR", 37.0000, 127.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KW", 29.3375, 47.6581));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KY", 19.5000, -80.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("KZ", 48.0000, 68.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LA", 18.0000, 105.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LB", 33.8333, 35.8333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LC", 13.8833, -61.1333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LI", 47.1667, 9.5333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LK", 7.0000, 81.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LR", 6.5000, -9.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LS", -29.5000, 28.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LT", 56.0000, 24.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LU", 49.7500, 6.1667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LV", 57.0000, 25.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("LY", 25.0000, 17.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MA", 32.0000, -5.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MC", 43.7333, 7.4000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MD", 47.0000, 29.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ME", 42.0000, 19.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MG", -20.0000, 47.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MH", 9.0000, 168.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MK", 41.8333, 22.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ML", 17.0000, -4.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MM", 22.0000, 98.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MN", 46.0000, 105.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MO", 22.1667, 113.5500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MP", 15.2000, 145.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MQ", 14.6667, -61.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MR", 20.0000, -12.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MS", 16.7500, -62.2000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MT", 35.8333, 14.5833));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MU", -20.2833, 57.5500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MV", 3.2500, 73.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MW", -13.5000, 34.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MX", 23.0000, -102.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MY", 2.5000, 112.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("MZ", -18.2500, 35.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NA", -22.0000, 17.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NC", -21.5000, 165.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NE", 16.0000, 8.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NF", -29.0333, 167.9500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NG", 10.0000, 8.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NI", 13.0000, -85.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NL", 52.5000, 5.7500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NO", 62.0000, 10.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NP", 28.0000, 84.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NR", -0.5333, 166.9167));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NU", -19.0333, -169.8667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("NZ", -41.0000, 174.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("OM", 21.0000, 57.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PA", 9.0000, -80.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PE", -10.0000, -76.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PF", -15.0000, -140.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PG", -6.0000, 147.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PH", 13.0000, 122.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PK", 30.0000, 70.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PL", 52.0000, 20.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PM", 46.8333, -56.3333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PR", 18.2500, -66.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PS", 32.0000, 35.2500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PT", 39.5000, -8.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PW", 7.5000, 134.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("PY", -23.0000, -58.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("QA", 25.5000, 51.2500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("RE", -21.1000, 55.6000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("RO", 46.0000, 25.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("RS", 44.0000, 21.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("RU", 60.0000, 100.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("RW", -2.0000, 30.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SA", 25.0000, 45.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SB", -8.0000, 159.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SC", -4.5833, 55.6667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SD", 15.0000, 30.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SE", 62.0000, 15.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SG", 1.3667, 103.8000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SH", -15.9333, -5.7000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SI", 46.0000, 15.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SJ", 78.0000, 20.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SK", 48.6667, 19.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SL", 8.5000, -11.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SM", 43.7667, 12.4167));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SN", 14.0000, -14.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SO", 10.0000, 49.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SR", 4.0000, -56.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ST", 1.0000, 7.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SV", 13.8333, -88.9167));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SY", 35.0000, 38.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("SZ", -26.5000, 31.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TC", 21.7500, -71.5833));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TD", 15.0000, 19.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TF", -43.0000, 67.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TG", 8.0000, 1.1667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TH", 15.0000, 100.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TJ", 39.0000, 71.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TK", -9.0000, -172.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TM", 40.0000, 60.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TN", 34.0000, 9.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TO", -20.0000, -175.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TR", 39.0000, 35.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TT", 11.0000, -61.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TV", -8.0000, 178.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TW", 23.5000, 121.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("TZ", -6.0000, 35.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("UA", 49.0000, 32.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("UG", 1.0000, 32.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("UM", 19.2833, 166.6000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("US", 38.0000, -97.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("UY", -33.0000, -56.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("UZ", 41.0000, 64.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VA", 41.9000, 12.4500));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VC", 13.2500, -61.2000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VE", 8.0000, -66.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VG", 18.5000, -64.5000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VI", 18.3333, -64.8333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VN", 16.0000, 106.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("VU", -16.0000, 167.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("WF", -13.3000, -176.2000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("WS", -13.5833, -172.3333));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("YE", 15.0000, 48.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("YT", -12.8333, 45.1667));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ZA", -29.0000, 24.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ZM", -15.0000, 30.0000));

            Add(new LatLngCountry("ZW", -20.0000, 30.0000));