Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some notes following yesterday's London .Net user group

I'm not sure my notes are going to be the best on last night... as I was up to talk last, it did vaguely distract me...

Andrew Myhre
Digital Wall - Online urban decent, graphite in the 22nd century - a bit of a gimmick at the moment - but one that in a creative space could turn heads... and I would quite like my moblie phone to show me a digital wall... maybe (like twitter) this might yet have a future one day...

Scott Cowan
So there I was thinking I was good knowing about NUnit and having the intention of using NMock and RhinoMocks (and maybe even Castle's Inversion of Control) one day soon. And then along comes Behaviour Driven Testing... clearly yet more good intentions for me to add to my list - excellent blog name too -

Christian Blunden vs Ben Hall
Battle of the cruise controls.... as Harry Hill would say - fight!
I've got admit we used to use Cruise Control at my last job - and that it broke in the first month and we couldn't be bothered to fix it... oops. However, both these UIs looked much simpler to use... next time (more good intentions)
BlogUrlMissing vs

Abid Quereshi
An interesting overview of some lessons learned changing a company's culture... Interesting to hear about the pain... it's not something I've seen before - especially having never worked for a big company, having always had plenty of cheek (rather than courage) and having always got on with building stuff (new term learnt tonight - "lean" development)

Justin Davies
Unit testing with classic ASP. Really really really puts me to shame - a nice compact framework built around ASP (which he quite correctly described as "shit") to allow NUnit tests to be run - nice to see code rather than ppoints (again puts me to shame)
Blog - BeingNew

Ben Nunney
PowerShell - very amusing stories about what makes Ben get up every day. A bit of me dislikes all this empowering of sys admins with programming skills... but most of me knows that it means it frees me to go on and work on much more fun stuff.
twitter: @bennuk

Sebastien Lambla
Fluent-nhibernate - what can I say - my first sighting of Windows 7 in the wild - and it was running on a Mac Air... chapeau!

Next time less slides (no slides) and maybe a demo instead - but wifi is a necessity not a luxury :)
This is my blog!

Did I miss anyone?

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