Monday, August 25, 2014

3.2.1-beta3 - more universal updates

I've pushed a third attempt at 3.2.1-beta3 to nuget :)

This build is still beta at present... I expect it'll have a few issues - so please do report them as you find them... we'll get the updates out there...

The main feature of this 3.2.1-beta3 build includes some marvellous WindowsCommon support - for Jupiter WindowsPhone Xaml with Windows 8.1 Xaml.

This is especially thanks to:

- the lovely who's working at who have been pioneering lots of amazing shared code Jupiter apps
- the fab who makes the brilliant and the rest of the team who work on my music player of choice -

The support means you now must use a "new profile" like Profile 259 or Profile 78 to get working... don't blame me for this... blame Microsoft :/

If you want to try this Jupiter code, then you can now try building a Universal WindowsPhone/WindowsStore app - using the new Universal projects - using the new "WindowsCommon" assemblies inside a PCL of profile 32. I don't have any samples of this at present - but I'd love to hear more about your experiments with this - I'm interested in hearing more about your experience with this new unified Microsoft platform!

At a more detailed level, since 3.2.1-beta1, this build also includes:

  • a fix for Title bindings in UIButton in iOS
  • some PictureChooser scaling and memory fixes (for iOS)
  • an infinite exception loop fix in the debug output sample files
  • nuget fixes for windowscommon
  • a default parameter added to WithConversion in fluent bindings
  • a null reference fix in the reflection code - when the linker has stripped out property getters/setters
  • a fix to improve ReloadState finding across multiple inhertiance hierarchy layers
  • ImeAction.Previous has been changed to match Xamarin's change of Android version
  • Json now has `ReferenceLoopHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.ReferenceLoopHandling.Serialize` set by default
  • A fix for double queryString escaping in WindowsPhone navigation
  • A fix for empty cc lists in the email plugin in iOS
  • An optimisation of resource image loading (fromBundle instead of fromFile) 
  • A fix for UIDatePicker centering in MT.Dialog
  • An attempted fix for weak ref issues with CanExecuteChanged in ICommand in iOS
  • A fix for multiple file flushes  in WriteFile in the File plugin

This 3.2.1-beta3 update did also includes some attempts at getting Symbols uploaded for nuget too - but this isn't quite finished yet... seems like this nuget functionality doesn't work without a little effort for multiple assemblies in the same nupkg.

This 3.2.1-beta3 build doesn't include any Xam.Forms support - has pushed a fab sample about that to - beyond that Xamarin have also said there are some Mvx/Forms combination samples coming, but I don't have any inside info on these. has also done some fabulous Fragment changes recently - - expect these to be in 3.2.1 soon too :)

OK... that's all from me for now... good luck with the updates :)