Thursday, March 31, 2011

Linq Dreams - GroupAndAggregate

 public static
  IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<TKey, TOutput>>
  GroupAndAggregate<TElement, TKey, TOutput>   
   (this IEnumerable<TElement> source, Func<TElement, TKey> keyMapping,
   Func<TElement, TOutput> firstElementMapping,
   Func<TElement, TOutput, TOutput> subsequentElementMapping)
  Dictionary<TKey, TOutput> dictionary = new Dictionary<TKey, TOutput>();
  foreach (TElement element in source)
   TKey key = keyMapping(element);
   TOutput output = default(TOutput);
   if (dictionary.TryGetValue(key, out output))
    output = subsequentElementMapping(element, output);
    output = firstElementMapping(element);
   dictionary[key] = output;
  return dictionary;

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IronRuby is alive and kicking!

This is a brief response to
which seems to put quite a dampner on the IronRuby status.

I can't deny that IronRuby's not in the vibrant state yet of it's JRuby counterpart - the number of contributors is much lower.

However, now that IronRuby and IronPython are integrated within Mono, and now release 1.1.2 is out there in the wild, things are very much looking positive

Real projects are being built - and there are as diverse as website using Rails, mobile apps like iron7, and lots of sysops and devops scripts using Rake.

I'm very much positive that IronRuby will continue to build forwards.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Help fund ironruby wp7 development - vote for iron7 in WP7Comp

If you like IronRuby development on WP7, and if you've got a moment then please:
Winning $10000 would greatly assist with my further development of this product!

Also, if you don't know what Iron7 is, then check out this video - it will give you a good idea:

Monday, March 14, 2011

WP7 - the effect of being a recommended app

Here's what happened to RunSat sales (trial and paid) as a result of being on the front page of the MarketPlace (not sure if this was internationally on the front page or just in the UK)

the image

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

WP7 apps that developers love... WP7Comp

There are some stunning apps entered for WP7Comp from RedGate -

With the aim "Make a WP7 app that developers will love" I thought I'd put down my thoughts on my "most loved" entries - all from a developer's perspective. 

These are in no particular order of preference - instead they're in order of entry into the competition.

You'll be glad to know that the fart app entry hasn't made my favourite list!

by Luke
I like this app:
- because it has lots of charts and nice effects
- because it targets google analytics which lots of developers use
- because Luke has blogged about how some of the key parts of the app were made - e.g.

Iron7 - Ruby scripting on Windows Phone 7 
by me (disclaimer!)
I like this app:
- because it's something that can't be done on iPhone, Blackberry, etc
- because it has so many samples and these are shared online using
- because the power of those samples is so large - GPS, videos, touch and even Tetris!

Scratch Pad
by Matt Lacey
This is less of an app, more of a concept/proof of principle. I like it 
- because it thinks outside the box about one of the limitations of WP7.0.0.4 - see for how its done

Pocket C#
by Mark Rendle
This app has been in the competition since December but hasn't yet made it through to the marketplace. When it does, I'll like it:
- because it shows a good use of web services in combination with apps
- because like iron7 it promises to share produced scripts online
- to make it ideal, I'd love to see it compile to include functionality from the phone - there aren't many (any?) pure-computational console apps I want to write.

zTop Analytics
by sorokoletov (Alex?)
I like this app:
- mainly because I like the website - I use regularly for tracking my apps
- because the MS AppHub functionality is still lacking in function
- because ztop integrates really well with other services - like

by me (disclaimer!)
I like this:
- because StackOverflow is such a great resource for developers 
- because the app is a great demo of how to use an app to improve content for mobile (make access quick and present it for the mobile screen)
- because its an app I use several times a day (if not an hour!)

by cronos labs
I like this app:
- because the concept is so flexible - its a bit like an old school VB3 form designer!
- because it makes good use of data services - Dropbox
- because I think its got plenty of room to grow for developers - especially if developers can start sharing forms for their daily tasks

by Sigurd Snorteland
I like this app:
- because Channel9 is a genuinely useful resource for developers
- because sometimes I like watching videos (and because the youtube support on WP7 isn't that strong yet)

Phonealytics – Google Analytics Client
iron7 – Ruby scripting on Windows Phone 7 
Scratch Pad
zTop Analytics
overflow 7 – Stack Overflow browser for WP7DataHub by cronos labs