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MvvmCross - The link Collection

Some video presentations:

For slides from presentations see and

MvvmCross made it briefly to Channel9 - see

MvvmCross at BUILD Windows 2012 - see

MvvmCross at TechDaysBE 2013 - see

To learn about what MVVM is... please look at this introduction from Greg Shackles -

The tutorial has recently been updated - - thanks Wosi!

For setting up your development environment to support portable libraries, see the steps in Cross-Platform, WinRT, MonoDroid, MonoTouch, MonoM... (and other posts like If PCLs will not build for you in MonoDevelop for ... and

For some background on Portable Libraries see

To see how MvvmCross provides ViewModels, Views and bindings, see the samples within this project - This really is the best "Getting Started" information available.

For raw PowerPoint files of presentations I've given, please see

For International inspiration, see:

Ad-hoc binary release is on skydrive:


Some of the projects that have used MvvmCross


 Q+A links...

Mostly these are key posts from and key questions and answers

Other bloggers are also adding articles - not only about MvvmCross but also about lots of other stuff that's really useful:


Portable Class Libraries

For VS2012 setup and info on PCLs across all the platforms -

Portable Class Library problems - "defined in an assembly that is not referenced"

Working around the profile1-only problem in Mono builds -

More on PCL setup for MonoTouch/MonoDroid -

Xamarin reported bugs that @slodge is involved with - mostly PCL -

The future is Portable -

Determining how Portable your existing code is

WCF and portable - also oData? - 



Experiences and Limitations -

Getting Help -

Setting up a fork - basic GitHub steps -

Hunting for memory leaks -

The layers of MvvmCross -

A quick start on building a new solution/project -

UI thread marshalling -


Navigation and Architecture

Passing in variables to ViewModels - UPDATE - see also

MethodAccessException -

Providing different views for iPhone and iPad -

Replacing the default ViewModelLocator - - see also and

Passing in Services as constructor parameters -

Problems in release mode only -

A pattern for "StartViewModelForResult" -

One pattern for error reporting - and also at

Custom navigation - using navigation objects -

Overriding the default ViewModel-View lookup -

What are plugins? What are services? What are application objects?

How do I do platform specific IoC? -

Can I detect the back button cross platform?

Updating the UI thread -




Testing ViewModels -

Testing Sqlite -



JSON Binding introduction -

Custom Favorites Button Binding -

Custom binding for text color -

Binding MonoTouch UIViewController member variables -

Two way bindings for integers -

Binding doesn't work on a real device -

Custom binding for a Touch event -

ListItem Property Binding -

Displaying images - and

What do I do without CommandParameters?

Why doesn't Touch work -

Working around ICommand CanExecute problems -

Debugging binding problems -

Error inflating Mvx class - Error Inflating class Mvx.MvxBindableListView

Why doesn't my Spinner binding work? -

Binding to multiple properties in one UI field -

Binding Collections - INotifyCollectionChanged, ObservableCollection and more -

Data-binding to specific list items - or to specific Dictionary keys -

General Collection Data-Binding - and



Using Tabs/TabActivity -

AutoComplete -

Removing the splash screen -

Handling Back -

I want a simple View without a ViewModel -

Fragment support - current not done -

Using custom Intents -

Why won't my project include the MvxBindingAttributes.xml file -

Using ICommands within ListItems -

Receiving broadcast actions -

Displaying Selection -

Using custom controls in XML -

Responding to checkbox changes -

Integrating a custom Activity - MonoGame?! -

I want to use a PreferenceActivity -

Spinner Control binding - 

ListView SelectedItem binding - 

Sharing code through BaseView classes and extension methods - 

A horizontal list view in Droid (A bit like a WP Pivot control) - and 

Debugging image binding -

Using abbreviations in mvvmcross android xml

PCL Debugging Problems in VS2012 -

Overriding View lookup conventions -

Binding an ImageView to a Byte[] -

Why is 2-way binding not working for Android Dialogs -  

Grouped table views - see and

Custom binding for a DatePicker (and a TimePicker) and



Modal presentation (and custom presenters) -

Using Tabs/UITabBarController -

Removing ViewControllers from the stack -

Customising the Navigation Bar (UINavigationController) -

Modal Views - with a UINavigationController -

Displaying multiple modal views -

Using a DateTimeElement in MT.Dialog -

How to do a "combobox"/Uipickerview in Touch (also see

Problems with MT.D Element redrawing -

Using sections in tables -

Advanced Presentation - UISplitView and UINavigationController -

Problems with null XIB outlets - possible mismatch between Dialog and XIB? -

Problems opening .sln files in MonoDevelop -

Removing a ViewController from the back stack

Binding an Accessory inside a cell -

How to make a plugin for MonoTouch - a Sqlite plugin for MonoTouch -

Binaries don't work on Touch -

Integrating Google Analytics -

Creating Table Cells from XIBs -

Binding an Accessory in a cell -

Binding a UITableView delete button -

Finding Memory Leaks -



Intercepting Back key presses -

Using live tiles -



Using MvvmCross and PRISM - Composite UIs? -



Coping without Behaviors -

OnNavigatedTo is not firing - the view model is not getting set -


Getting Location -

Distance between 2 points -

Why no speed and bearing :( -

Integrating VideoView from Xamarin.Mobile - along with code at

Switching language for Internationalisation (i18n) - 

Loading a hierarchy of language files -

Localisation strings - intro -

Dynamic text strings - advanced Internationalisation via  ValueConverters -

Photo and ZXing (Bar code) services -



How to write a Conventional plugin -

How to inject platform specific services -

Another introduction to Conventional plugins -

Changes to IoC in vNext -

Calling the UI thread from a plugin -

Using the Camera/PictureChooser - 


The idea - the slideshow

What (and when) are AutoViews?

Lists in AutoViews

Raw JSON for dialogs

"Simple Projects"

Multiple View/ViewModel sample -

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