Friday, February 08, 2013

CentraStage - a new MvvmCross Monotouch app published on iOS - and since it's awesome...

CentraStage have this week published their iOS app on iTunes:

It's a full IT asset management app for the award-winning CentraStage service - including search, alerts, secure login, alerts and remote console functions (and plenty more that I haven't found yet).

You can use it free for up to 5 devices - so you can give it a go today

The reason I'm listing it here....

It's an MvvmCross MonoTouch app - released only on iOS so far, but with work for Android and for Mac already underway - all from a shared PCL code base :)

Check out the videos of the early prototypes on:

This is all *clearly awesome*...

.... so I have no choice ....

@Deapsquatter on behalf of CentraStage gets a third MvvmCross Badge of Awesomeness!

He's also now blogging some of his experiences - check it out on - also leave him some comments - just to encourage him to keep blogging ;)

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