Saturday, February 02, 2013

The future is Portable

Yesterday was a big day for Portable Class Libraries.

Yesterday, Miguel from Xamarin sent out this tweet:

This is really good news - it feel like the future of PCLs will include Microsoft and Xamarin working together to achieve true portability of code.

As a warning - please don't expect this to necessarily be a quick or painless ride... but do expect it to be an exciting one - and one that leads to more productive coding.

Through going portable, I predict we'll see:

- greater sharing of code and pre-built assemblies through reusable portable components
- greater sharing of code and pre-built assemblies through shared portable interfaces with platform specific implementations - i.e. things like MvvmCross plugins
- greater reliability of code - because it'll be easier to write tests for them
- greater speed of development - because people can genuinely write, test and refactor their code across the platforms
- out-of-the-box cross-platform functionality - we're already seeing this a bit - NuGet 2.3 will ship with some PCL and some MonoDroid functionality
- an explosion of platforms - really, I can't wait to see Calliburn, MvvmLight, Prism, Simple-Nancy-Mobile, Fubu-Mobile, Jounce and many more besides all joining the portable revolution - and I'll see if I can free up some of the MvvmCross code (especially the data binding) so that it can be reused more easily by some of them!

I already love coding C# cross-platform

... and I'm really excited about the future

Daniel (dsplaisted) and Miguel (miguelDeIcaza)... thank you both. An MvvmCross Badge of Awesomeness to each of you:

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