Monday, February 25, 2013

Behaviors for Windows 8 WinRT Store Applications - Nuget goodness and a Belgian Badge of Awesomeness

From StackOverflow yesterday I found an answer from :
If you are looking for behaviors in WinRT with MvvmCross, you can now use the Windows.UI.Interactivity nuget package for it (

When using it with MvvmCross, I made a copy with some small alterations to the existing MvxEventToCommand class (inherit from TriggerAction(FrameworkElement) instead of TriggerAction(DependencyObject)). Works like a charm.

This is excellent news - it's going to save me from so much ugly code behind work :)

Definitely awesome - and it bags GitteTitter a WinRT-flavoured MvvmCross Badge of Awesomeness - thanks!

(Sorry - I couldn't find any slick chips+mayonnaise clipart to make the look more Belgian!)

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