Wednesday, February 06, 2013

More Code Analysis

Today I handed over a small initial project on to a customer.

Following on from , I thought it would be good to run code analysis on it.

The results were interesting:

The app itself is a '4 page' project that has some nice polymorphic lists driven by a slightly unusual data structure. I delivered it only on Droid and WP - and only to the proof of concept level.

You can see from the stats:
  1. We managed to make all our code maintainable :)
  2. The vast majority of the complex code was in the Core
  3. Droid was particularly code light :)
  4. WinPhone had a bit more code in it - but when I looked for it, most of it was 'boilerplate' code - code generated in App.xaml.cs
  5. There really wasn't much code in this project - the frameworks - MS, Mono and Mvx - took care of most the work for us.
I like this new toy - will try to keep running it on all my projects :)

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