Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3.1.2-beta1 - work in progress but since people are asking...

Just pushing 3.1.2-beta1 out of the normal channels.

There are still a few items left that I want to squeeze into 3.1.2 - see

The issues fixed since 3.1.1 are:
  • Wpf Location Watcher added
  • Fix for NullRefExc in WindowsPhone Location Watcher
  • AsyncRequestHandle added to Rest/Network calls - allows cancel (but users should still consider using HttpClient)
  • Droid fix to Click TargetBinding - wrong unsubscribe in Dispose
  • Additional IoC overloads added - task based constructors for dynamic types
  • Unify use of IMvxBundle instead of MvxBundle in Navigation calls
  • Option to allow TableViewSource (and other collections) to always reset when INPC is fired
  • Multiple changes to File plugins - allowing Stream use
  • Fix to allow ErrorImage displayed in MvxImageView
  • Updates to nuget TODO files
  • Newtonsoft Json moved to a Nuget dependency!
  • Improvements in MvxCommandCollection - commands can now share CanExecuteChanged properties
  • Changes to non-Weak reference subscription for WindowsPhone MvxCommand implementation

More details later - gotta go run now :)

Monday, March 03, 2014

The awesome XPlatformCloudKit

I recently discovered a toolkit which is responsible for **lots** of MvvmCross apps.

I stumbled on this GitHub project via the Windows Developer Show podcast -

The toolkit itself is really powerful - it's quick to get started but has a modular approach allowing lots of future changes and extensions - e.g. it lets you hook up local files or Azure Mobile Services for data and it provides complete Windows Phone, Windows Store and Android templates.

The github readme is a great resource to get started - it has links to heaps of intro docs and videos, it talks you through the extensible and modular code, and it's already been used to hook up lots of apps including lots of game guides, restaurant menus and more - take a look at some of them on

The author of this package is Microsoft Evangelist - Paul DeCarlo - pjdecarlo - and he's also recently been touring and talking about how to use it. Take a look at his blog for lots of fab info -

Paul, this is awesome stuff - love seeing people shipping, making tools and making money from apps that they've built for all users on all platforms - simply fabulous! Definitely badge of awesomeness winning too! Super work - thanks :)

An awesome open source demo app from Asier Marqués

One awesome little self-contained demo I've recently stumbled upon is this small Euro-Dollar conversion app from @asiermarques

Looks really neat - a fab starting place for anyone interested in seeing how to build an app. Thanks @asiermarques - awesome :)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Awesome enterprise sample from Jeremy Ellis (Misterdos)

I'm not going to say much about this talk.

I'm jut going to order you to go to

Go there now

Check out the slides too in the same repo

BTW have you been to the repo yet?


@misterdos - top work - badge winningly wonderful.

Some recent awesome MvvmCross apps :)

There are hundreds of you out there building MvvmCross apps. I hope you're all having an awesome time.

Some of the awesome MvvmCross apps that I know about and have recently seen published are:



Honeywell Now

Bruel & Kjaer - Noise Sentinel

Including work from massively badge-winning awesome @cheesebaron

Full info at:

IBM Pre Sales

Nokia MixRadio


Do you know of others which should be included? Let me know and I'll post them :)