Thursday, February 21, 2013

MvvmCross Rocks - MVP Edition - Daniel bags badge #2

Right now the annual Microsoft Valued Professional Summit is happening at Microsoft's HQ in Redmond - #mvp13 or #mvpSummit

It's all very hush hush.

DNA has been taken, Irises have been scanned, Lawyers are briefed, Guns are pointed at Puppies - so no-one's saying much about what they see there.


The odd very pleasant rumbling noise is coming out of Redmond

Behind closed doors, our friend @dsplaisted has clearly been spreading the love - and the wisdom - behind MvvmCross. Excellent!

Thanks Daniel - that is awesome!

Also really awesome some of the things Daniel's let slip this week - it turns out that the Microsoft dev teams *love* the MVP summit week - it's something they look forwards to every year. It's really fab to hear that!

All this, plus shipping some fab portable HttpClient code this week.... It's all definitely deserving of a second Badge Of Awesomeness - and this one is a special NDA edition ;)

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