Wednesday, March 02, 2011

WP7 apps that developers love... WP7Comp

There are some stunning apps entered for WP7Comp from RedGate -

With the aim "Make a WP7 app that developers will love" I thought I'd put down my thoughts on my "most loved" entries - all from a developer's perspective. 

These are in no particular order of preference - instead they're in order of entry into the competition.

You'll be glad to know that the fart app entry hasn't made my favourite list!

by Luke
I like this app:
- because it has lots of charts and nice effects
- because it targets google analytics which lots of developers use
- because Luke has blogged about how some of the key parts of the app were made - e.g.

Iron7 - Ruby scripting on Windows Phone 7 
by me (disclaimer!)
I like this app:
- because it's something that can't be done on iPhone, Blackberry, etc
- because it has so many samples and these are shared online using
- because the power of those samples is so large - GPS, videos, touch and even Tetris!

Scratch Pad
by Matt Lacey
This is less of an app, more of a concept/proof of principle. I like it 
- because it thinks outside the box about one of the limitations of WP7.0.0.4 - see for how its done

Pocket C#
by Mark Rendle
This app has been in the competition since December but hasn't yet made it through to the marketplace. When it does, I'll like it:
- because it shows a good use of web services in combination with apps
- because like iron7 it promises to share produced scripts online
- to make it ideal, I'd love to see it compile to include functionality from the phone - there aren't many (any?) pure-computational console apps I want to write.

zTop Analytics
by sorokoletov (Alex?)
I like this app:
- mainly because I like the website - I use regularly for tracking my apps
- because the MS AppHub functionality is still lacking in function
- because ztop integrates really well with other services - like

by me (disclaimer!)
I like this:
- because StackOverflow is such a great resource for developers 
- because the app is a great demo of how to use an app to improve content for mobile (make access quick and present it for the mobile screen)
- because its an app I use several times a day (if not an hour!)

by cronos labs
I like this app:
- because the concept is so flexible - its a bit like an old school VB3 form designer!
- because it makes good use of data services - Dropbox
- because I think its got plenty of room to grow for developers - especially if developers can start sharing forms for their daily tasks

by Sigurd Snorteland
I like this app:
- because Channel9 is a genuinely useful resource for developers
- because sometimes I like watching videos (and because the youtube support on WP7 isn't that strong yet)

Phonealytics – Google Analytics Client
iron7 – Ruby scripting on Windows Phone 7 
Scratch Pad
zTop Analytics
overflow 7 – Stack Overflow browser for WP7DataHub by cronos labs