Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A look around DNN forum options

So I wanted to install a forum on

The available DotNetNuke options were:
  • The core DNN forum module - currently on version 4.4.3, although there is plenty of talk about a 4.4.4 that went into testing Summer 08 and a 4.4.5 that went into testing Autumn 08. The 4.4.x releases were a huge improvement on the earlier builds and there is heaps of functionality in the core module for free - but still there is lots of talk on the dnn forums about how they could be better...
  • Active Module's ActiveForums - - a commercially available option (there is a free version, then there are prices $49 upwards) - this module is really well produced and the prices aren't very high... but still too high for me at the moment (and the free one is too restrictive especially without source code).
  • Then I stumbled upon Presstopia's forum - - looks really neat and well contained. There are two versions - a free one that looks good - and a source-code included one that you get as part of presstopia's subscription - $20 per month - very tempting....
  • Then I returned to a site I went to a week or two ago - YetAnotherForum - - an open source project which is mainly outside of DNN but which does offer DNN integration. This module has heaps of functionality, comes with full source code and installed first time. It also seems to have very active support - e.g. this guy's avatar collection - - and so it's my winner today.... the only downside I could see with it really was that it's integration is a bit "grafted on the outside"  of DNN - but it looks like it's a pretty darned good graft.

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