Monday, January 26, 2009

Back on Azure development (for a little while)

So I've finally gotten a chance (and requirement) to go back to stacka, my Azure development project.

Getting my head back into the Azure space hasn't been entirely unpainful - there's lots of jargon and bits to remember and to work out afresh...

Errors encountered so far:

- some sort of internal Azure error - lots of "InternalServerError" messages, plus some horrid seemingly infinite looping "package is deploying" messages (in response to me choosing delete!) - but they weren't infinite - instead they ended with "InternalServerError - Completion of simple upgrade could not be determined. Estimated elapsed time: 920"

Thread is here -

But basically the answer is that Microsoft support are closely monitoring the Azure forum and are pretty fast in responding and helping - thanks.

- A runtime error - "The provider is configured with allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints set to false (default setting) but the endpoint for the storage system does not seem to be an https or local endpoint. Please configure the provider to use an https enpoint for the storage endpoint or explicitly set the configuration option allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints to true."

The answer to this was there - you really are supposed to set allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints to true

Will let you know when the site is live... and working....

As an additional note on "allowInsecureRemoteEndpoints", there is also another option - you can change your, etc entries to

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