Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cloud Serving...

OK... so I've started the New Year with a plump for GoGrid...

So I've signed up for a PayAsYouGo server... and I've started using it.

Steps completed so far:

1. I've installed a win2k8 server (easy enough to do)
2. I've added cloud storage (again, easy enough to do)
3. I've connected the win2k8 server to the cloud storage - I did this eventually... but I did misread the instructions ( and it did take me an age to work out that I could not FTP direct to the cloud storage - instead I have to FTP or Samba in from one of my servers (not direct from an Internet connected PC)
4. I've set up an FTP server on the win2k8 server and am now uploading to that server. To do this, I had to go to the Windows Server console, then go to the IIS7 settings, add then enable the FTP tools from IIS6 within IIS7... then (and this took some time to work out) I also had to tell the Windows Firewall to let the dynamic FTP traffic through using:

netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFtp enable

So now I'm busy uploading stuff.... more "soon"....

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