Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Making DNN Fly

An interesting post by Mitchell Sellers on how he makes DNN fly (a topic he really is very accomplished on!)


There's clearly a lot of things to play with and consider - I'll keep looking at this and also will try to measure some things at some point soon.

I've just applied most of his recommendations to runsaturday and it seems quicker... http://www.runsaturday.com/Parkrun/TabId/56/Default.aspx?chartType=3&g0=1&g4=1&evId0=bptt&atId0=2089&evId1=bptt&atId1=537&cpTab=1

However, I can't help but think that the thing that would really make it feel faster still would be me getting the CSS together and removing all the tables (the browser won't render the tables until it knows their sizes - so it has to have downloaded all their innards first!)

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