Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My presentation to the London Dot Net Users Group this evening...

The contents are here

I suspect I won't fit much of it in my 5 minute slot (I do like to talk...)

If you did come and you want me to do another talk ever again... then please login to stacka and upload a stack...

Alternatively if you came and you never want me to talk again... then please login to stacka and upload 2 stacks...

If you know anyone who likes to run/cycle/ski/walk with a GPS please do point them at RunSaturday - it's still growing :)

Here's the presentation embedded:

One other note - I've got lots of fun little development projects going on at the moment - all .NET 3.5, all C# - if anyone wants to get involved, then let me know and I'll try to work out how to parcel up some work. Not open source as such, but community collab on a small scale.

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