Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At last!

After lots of confusion and effort.... http://www.stacka.com is finally live!

There's been lots going on both good (I'm going to get paid for last year after all :) ) and bad (lawyers on the phone is never going to be a good thing!).

I've also had to rush out an "Azure" website - it's called Stacka and it's just for fun - basically the idea is to let people share photos of piles of things like this:

or this:

The idea was inspired from seeing some tri people post their piles of triathlon books on Fetch once.

As an Azure expert (no-one else knows what Azure is either - so I'm now an expert!), I'm supposed to talk about it tomorrow night at a local tech user's group - hence why I rushed it out in the last couple of days.

Anyway... if anyone is at all bored then please do feel free to upload your own pile of things to the site - I think it's mostly working now, although there are some quirks (the login page being one of them - sorry!).


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