Monday, March 23, 2009

Some useful pages for OpenSocial

Just starting to look at this now...

Here's some useful OpenSocial pages I've found:

This reply is very useful with links and ideas:

Here's the Ning hello world application:

The iGoogle page is very good - and I use their sandbox quite a lot! - - sandbox at

(I also find it quite funny that Google has a "legacy" gadget section already!

Here's the developer's guide

An example gadget (not quite opensocial) on CodeProject -

MySpace also has opensocial capabilities - (I never use MySpace - but maybe I should take a look one day)

The  site is very useful - e.g. here's a tutorial - and here's a list of containers -

Another interesting tutorial - (plus also see their Gadget tutorial -

Not sure about this link - it's about xml2json - but I think there may be better ways available now -

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