Thursday, December 17, 2009

YQL, Pipes and beyond

I've recently fallen in love with Yahoo again

Inspired by Haayman (a runsat user) I've been using Yahoo pipes to manipulate the site RSS output into more human friendly form.

The latest bit of this is here: -

Inspired by this pipe just shows how developed the web is now...

- it gets data from runsat
- processes that data
- makes a call to YQL which then processes the data through this serverside javascript - (this converts a google maps API
- processes the data some more
- spits out some new RSS which can then be consumed by web pages - e.g. by

Of course, all of this could also be seen as fragile - it relies on external web services, but these are all on Yahoo! - so not too fragile (I hope!).

The programmable web - I love it!

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