Friday, October 29, 2010

PDC 2010 Updates - First Look

The main updates from the PDC weren't that exciting... I haven't seen anything on Azure storage yet - hopefully soon...

The coolest thing I saw was Anders talking about c#5 - async and await - think linq for async tasks - see and download CTP from - I liked :) Full video available on the pdcplayer... probably too much effort to find it!

The main things that might impact some of the projects that I'm working on were:
- a much better Azure management portal is on the way - at last!
- full IIS7 hosting - so you can set custom properties and so your web role can host multiple web projects :)
- Remote Desktop access to your web and worker role instances (not sure it's that useful to my projects but it made me feel happier)
- Velocity (Memcached) will be available soon
- Java will become a "first class citizen" ?!
- Extra small instances - I suspect that most of my worker roles could move to these

Azure overview is here:
SQL Azure updates are here:

Will keep an eye on some of the sessions tonight - especially Jai's deep dive into storage.


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