Thursday, June 14, 2012

MvvmCross on Channel9

My friend Daniel Plaisted at Microsoft has just posted this video on Channel 9 - it includes TwitterSearch from MvvmCross vNext.

In particular he shows the code sharing in MvvmCross across Metro, WP7, MonoTouch and MonoDroid:

Portable libraries are the future - love em!


  1. Hello, Stuart

    Just want to know, why your solution with Portable Class Libraries is not still a part of main branch? Is it just an experiment, do you have plans to continue work on it?

    1. Thanks for the question.

      The vNext branch usind portable libraries is still I believe the future and the best way forwards.

      However, I've still got some outstanding problems to solve with monotouch - requiring some changes with xamarin - monotouch and monodevelop PCL support is still quite basic v1 support and I need some v2 features. I've talked with a couple of engineers about this since April and looked at the monodevelop source myself, but there's no firm timeline on this yet. The rtm of .net 4.5 and vs11 (including PCL v2) may help get this moving.

      Until I get PCL working in monotouch, then I must keep the master branch as the non-portable version.

      Hope that explanation helps.

  2. If it helps, here's some technical info -