Friday, January 11, 2013

Help collecting VSMonoTouch VS2012 performance issue data

Anyone who wants to help with reporting the slowness of VSMonoTouch inside VS2012 to Microsoft. The slowness seems to be to do with the number of configurations.
If you want to help, then you can run the same steps I'm going to - getting multiple traces may help nudge MS along :)
Greetings from Microsoft Connect!
This notification was generated for feedback item: Really slow to load solutions when using many projects with many profiles. which you submitted at the Microsoft Connect site.
Hello, to help us further investigate could you our feedback tool while opening the solution?
To use the tool:
1. Install the feedback tool (restart VS)
2. Load the solution
3. Choose "Report Bug" on the help menu (login with Live ID)
4. Choose existing feedback, and enter this bug number (775466)
5. Choose "Performance" from feedback type
6. Close the solution
7. Open the solution
8. Stop recording and submit the bug
Be sure to open the solution before choosing "Report Bug" to ensure we get details about the solution itself.
Thank you for your help.
You may receive a general "Feedback Item Updated" notification as well, if any other changes were made by Microsoft.
Thank you for using Microsoft Connect!

I will run the tool - but if others want to as well, then please do :)

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