Sunday, November 16, 2008

Azure Invitiation code received :)

Just in case anyone else is waiting, it looks like the invitation lag on Azure at present is about 10 days - I've just got mine - so now I can start publishing Cloud Apps to Microsoft (US) for real.

This is what I just received:


Greetings from the Azure Services Platform Team!

Thank you for applying for a Microsoft® .NET Services and Microsoft® SQL Services invitation code on Microsoft Connect Website. ( Your invitation code for Microsoft .NET Services and Microsoft SQL Services will be HIDDEN-FROM-VIEW. Please note that this invitation code is NOT activated yet and cannot be used to create a solution at the portal at this moment. We will send you another email to this account once your invitation code is activated, but we will not send you your invitation code again. Please keep this email in a safe place.

Jenny Lo
Azure Services Platform Team


25th November - Update to this post - what this actually was... was only an invite to the .NET and SQL bits of the Azure CTP preview - so I still can't upload Azure applications :( - most upsetting! Will let you know when the real invite arrives (please let it be soon!)

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