Friday, November 14, 2008

Outing to cloudcamp

Went along to London cloudcamp last night -

Very interesting to see and hear a few of the cloud companies - big players like Sun, Amazon, Microsoft, VMWare, ... and smaller companies including,, and many many more besides.

It's clear from listening to a lot of the presentations and comments that this is still really early days for clouds.

However, it's also clear that people have been working in cloud tech for a significant length of time already - this is early tech but it's tech that can and is being used - with Amazon's AWS still the big leader.

I did find one thing particularly interesting - there seemed to be a lot of discussion about green-ness and about the environmental impact of clouds. I'm sure this will still mainly be a driver as an economic influence (i.e. if clouds work out cheaper then that will be the main driver) but it's nice to know that the cloud effect *could* be good for the planet too...

Outside of talking... my own cloud experiments are now mainly Microsoft Azure based. I've been running on a new Vista install and I've got some experimental code up and running. Also, using some recent Google read-ups I've been thinking about some of the ways to get around some of my problems with lack of "count" type operations in the non-SQL cloud - and I really do think offline incremental calculation may be the way... more "soon".

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