Thursday, September 19, 2013

N=37 - Maps and Zombies part 1 - N+1 Days of MvvmCross

After a slightly longer than planned summer break, I'm finally returning to these recordings. Sorry about the elongated break, but I'm back now, and hoping to cover some more advanced topics :)

To start with, I thought I'd try some mapping. This is going to take a few videos to get completed.... just easing back into this process.

First up:

  • we create just a PCL and an iOS project
  • we add an MKMapView view
  • we databind some annotations to the ViewModel

The video for this is:

I'm afraid I did get interrupted during the recording, so you might hear someone asking if I wanted a beer - but I didn't - I don't drink and screencast ;)

The code for this is in:

The index of N+1's is on, but we also have a copy on the wiki -


  1. Hello, Stuart! Nice to see you back after the summer break!
    As for the maps stuff... As I understand, MKMapView would use default maps (not google ones) in iOS 7. And if I want to use Google anyway, I would need to use Google Maps SDK, which is still available.
    What's your oppinion of Google Maps vs standard Apple maps? (In meaning of as user experiense, as development process). (If you tried the first ones).

    1. As a user I mildly prefer using Google or Here maps to the Apple ones - and I also really like the open street mapping data, including cloudmade stuff. However, iOS users are pretty used to having apple maps in their apps now - so unless the app customer needs some specifically more, then that's generally what I dev with

  2. Could you also clarify a situation with Windows Phone 7 support by MvvmCross? (I am also still not sure if this blog is the most convenient place to ask such questions (Stackoverflow does not look perfect for me for such 'floating-in-time' ones)).
    So, some time before you've mentioned that MvvmCross going to close WP7 support (I see it still rather did not), but what's now in your mind about that?
    Thank you!

    1. Latest is still - - Microsoft are forcing the issue with their VS2013 release