Wednesday, September 25, 2013

N=39 - CrossLight on Xamarin.iOS/MonoTouch (aka Project Chimp)

This video is a follow on from where I showed how to use the MvvmCross binding layer in Android without using the higher layers (the navigation service, the plugin loader, the thread dispatcher, etc).

In this video I quickly do the same thing for Xamarin.iOS.

The process is pretty simple:

1. Add references to the CrossCore and Binding assemblies for MvvmCross (in the video I use nuget CrossCore package -

2. Add a small setup class and call it from your appdelegate start code

3. Add you ViewModel - and INotifyPropertyChanged will do

4. Adjust your ViewController so that it can do data-binding to an instance of your ViewModel

5. Run :)

The code for today is at:

The video is:

For a full index of N+1 videos, see

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