Sunday, October 06, 2013

3.0.13-beta4 testing update

I'm still running through 3.0.13-beta4 and testing it against all the projects in plus against some of the N+1 (some of the key items not covered in those tutorials)

So far the build seems very solid.

I've found one blocking issue:

- some Android.Dialog issues with tapping on specific cells (e.g. datetime) - currently this is under investigation at the tail end of

Apart from that, it's not taken me very long at all to update the projects. The main issue I've encountered is changes in PCL setup each time (e.g. changing to use Xamarin's System.Windows assembly for each Touch project) and I've really only found a few minor issues with:

- one new exception thrown (and handled lower down) during double-string conversion - now masked in
- one missing setup call in Console projects (added in
- a misleading color debug output in

So... I'm hopeful we'll be able to ship 3.0.13 to stable very soon :)

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