Wednesday, October 02, 2013

N=40 First Part of Maps on Android - N+1

Today we move on to maps on Android.

This maps tutorial follows on from:

To get maps working we use the Google Play Services component - see for how get started on this.

For demos in the video, I use a real device - sorry for the bad camera work!

If you want to try to get maps working on an emulator, then I recommend you take a look at - although I don't think this plays nicely with the WP8 emulator or with the Intel HAXM driver either :(

The source code for today is on:

The video:

Sorry again about the demos by hand rather than in a simulator - and for the pauses while I gather my thoughts each time :)

For a full and wonderful N+1 index, see:


  1. This tutorial uses "Google Play services (Froyo)" component which is built using Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 (Revision 18). My current project uses Support.v4 (22.2). Should I try using any other component?

    1. I resolved this issue by using Google Play services Map from Nuget package manager.