Saturday, November 02, 2013

3.0.14 Beta1 on nuget

The latest build - 3.0.14-Beta1 - has survived some preliminary testing and is now on nuget

There is one significant change which may break client apps in this build.

The change is to do with the way that collection items have their DataContext set to null when the bindings are cleared. It should help prevent a problem that Blewzman reported when he used long-living nested static collections in his viewmodels.

This change may effect your existing views, valueconverters and bindings if they don't cope well with null DataContexts.

For example, in the ApiExamples project this required me to add a check for null to the Convert method:

         protected override string Convert(string value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture)
             if (value == null)
                 return null;
             return value.Replace((string)parameter, string.Empty);

Overall, the features included in 3.0.14 beyond 3.0.13 are:

  • Change to Droid and Touch collections/lists - nullify the datacontexts of individual listview items when removed
  • Wpf ThreadUtils assembly has been added
  • Improvements in binding parsing of properties beginning with and containing underscores
  • Improved error messages when binding fails
  • Binding for Android RatingBar control
  • ShouldReturn binding for iOS
  • Fix to Or logic in ValueCombiner
  • Provision for default parameters in ViewModel Init methods
  • Inclusion of additional LinkerPleaseInclude entries for Android
  • Trace optimisation - no messages shown for null datacontexts

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