Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3.0.14-beta3 pushed to nuget

Have updated the build

Have pushed to nuget

Have also pushed VS2012 only binaries to the binaries repo (in theory the XS-built binaries are no longer needed)

In addition to Beta2, Beta3 has:

  • Changes to nuspec files for more generic targets (I believe switching nuget to the latest 2.7.2 release may also help some users)
  • Optimisation in nested bindings - changes to reduce the number of times source properties are fetched during updates
  • Fix for spinner which caches the DataContext when a child window is switched off of the screen and then back in again (without going through an Adapter GetView)
  • Virtual keyword additions to allow additional overrides for CreatingBinding and for GetIoCParameterValues
  • Changes to ValueCombiners to allow them to better support UnsetValue - these now return the UnsetValue if any child is Unset
  • Redirecting the Progress value in the Seekbar so that reflection is not used (very minor optimisation)
  • Refactoring of Android layout inflation code - allowing custom view creation if required
  • Provision of some Folder methods for the MvvmCross File plugin on WindowsStore (Win8/WinRT)

Beyond this, the features included in 3.0.14 beyond 3.0.13 remain:

  • A fix for MvxLinearLayout refresh issues
  • A change of protected API for CreateBindingView in MvxAdapter - it now returns an IMvxListItem instead of an MvxListItem (this method is seldom overridden - but is a breaking change if you did override it)
  • A fix for ThreadUtils - Wpf Package
  • A fix for ViewModel creation for activities displayed via external Intents - e.g. from Mail or push links
  • Change to Droid and Touch collections/lists - nullify the datacontexts of individual listview items when removed
  • Wpf ThreadUtils assembly has been added
  • Improvements in binding parsing of properties beginning with and containing underscores
  • Improved error messages when binding fails
  • Binding for Android RatingBar control
  • ShouldReturn binding for iOS
  • Fix to Or logic in ValueCombiner
  • Provision for default parameters in ViewModel Init methods
  • Inclusion of additional LinkerPleaseInclude entries for Android
  • Trace optimisation - no messages shown for null datacontexts

Portable support is changing within Xamarin right now - but the news is mainly at the "announcement" level right now - as we get details through then we will update MvvmCross to make sure we can all get on with doing dev work instead of setup :)

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