Saturday, December 14, 2013

v3.1.1 beta

The first beta of the first Net4.5 only release of MvvmCross is uploaded to nuget and binaries are on github too -

The changes since v3.0.14 are big:
  • Switch to profile 158 for all portable assemblies
  • Switch to WP8 for all WindowsPhone projects - plus System.Windows.Interactivity dependency updated to 3.9.5
  • Fragging now uses the Google Xamarin.Android v4 support library rather than the Mono.Android one.
  • Html email fix for Android
  • Changes to nuget referencing (especially WP8 and SL5)
  • To avoid angst, the existing SQLite plugin is no longer marked "obsolete" - I still encourage everyone to switch to the new community plugin as it is the better plugin (and I encourage people to step forwards to take over the admin of this too!)
  • Improved helper method for subscribing to Interaction events
  • A draft IMvxComposeEmailTaskEx interface has been added to the mail plugin allowing attachments and multiple addresses on some platforms. More work is still needed here

Further notes:
  • General MvvmCross user consensus seemed to be that profile 78 was preferred to profile 158. Given this, we'll definitely continue to look at how/when/if to switch to 78 in the near future. However, right now today I wanted to start getting releases out, and the switch of reflection API for profile 78 would have caused too long a delay in this (especially in testing/debugging/fixing on all platforms).

  • In the v3.1 branch, there are also ongoing changes and improvements to both MonoMac and XamMac support - especially with heroic inputs from tofutim. However, these inputs are not today included in the released nuget stream or in the binary packages.


  1. Hi:

    Will this include new MvvmCross support to Windows 8.1 Store apps and related changes to the Win8.1 classes like Page

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